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Aryn O'Connor accepted to be in the North Carolina State Honors Chorus & is also the the National Honors Society President

By: Katelynn Harris
Guest Writer

If anyone could achieve everything it would Aryn O'Connor. If there is a club out there she is involved in it. Aryn indulges herself into as much as possible and helps out 100% into everything she is involved in. Aryn started in the 9th grade b joining the Drama Club and the Book Club, "I realized I am definitely not an actress, ha.
I have a lot of friends in drama and I love to see rehearsals and how they put the shows together, but I am more of the technical person, myself," said Aryn. In tenth grade she became involved in Tri-M. Then in her junior year she became the Book Club Secretary "I love to read and I love our library. Book Club made the most sense for me because I would be reading in my spare time anyways, why not read with a group?
We hold a lot of fundraisers for the library and try to help Mrs. Absi," comments Aryn. She was also inducted into the BETA club and became the BETA cub secretary, "Part of being involved in the BETA club is the prestige of being in a group based on merit, but I really enjoy being a part of BETA club because it provides me with more opportunities to volunteer and help out in our community. Being part f it encourages me to go out and to find things that I enjoy doing that benefit the people around me." During Aryn's junior year she also joined the Math Team, Prom Committee, Latin Club, Archery Team, and Trick-or-treat so kids can eat with the Drama Club.
"For the longest time I had no idea that we had a archery team. I really enjoy archery because it is a great stress reliever, it is not nearly as competitive as the other sports like volleyball and basketball, and it is just as fun."
Then Aryn tackles all the rest in her senior year; where not only did she stay in her previous clubs but joined even more; she became the Secretary for Environmental Club and she joined the Ensemble and Community theater, "Music is something so important to me that I can't even really begin to describe it. I want to be involved with music and theater for the rest of my life."
Senior year Aryn has also was accepted to be in the North Carolina State Honors Chorus and became president of the National Honors Society,
"This, much like BETA Club is based on merit but in lieu of recognizing our hard work and dedication it urges us to keep working hard and to continue to grow into responsible and mature adults as we head  off to go to college," said Aryn. If there is anything to do in high school Aryn O'Connor can do it or has done it.


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