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Luke Morris: Eagle Scout, Fireman, Hunter, Fisherman and Artist


(Pictured Left): Luke Morris recently completed his high school career. He was a member of the 2007 graduating class at Ashley High School...
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By: Rachel N. Johnson
Features Editor

Luke Morris recently completed his high school career.  He was a member of the 2007 graduating class at Ashley High School.  Morris is currently continuing his education at Cape Fear Community College where he and other students returned for the fall semester last Friday.  Luke is currently working on his general studies under the school’s transfer program.  He plans to transfer to a large University at the completion of his transfer studies.  Currently Luke is seeking a career in Fire Science and would like to attend North Carolina State University in Raleigh.  A degree in this field would lead him to a potential job serving as a Fire Marshall. 
For the past year and a half, Luke has been a dedicated volunteer at the Kure Beach Volunteer Fire Department.  He spent the first year learning fire safety and training with the other volunteers.  In April of 2007 he became a full-fledged volunteer and has actively been a first responder to many different calls.  Luke has found that serving as a volunteer fireman is something that he enjoys and is invigorating.  He is typically one of the first people to respond to a call as he lives just minutes from the station.  “It is very exciting when I get a call.  I like to be on the truck so that I am dressed and ready by the time we get to there,” smiled Luke.
Luke Morris was born in Rocky Mount and moved to Kure Beach when he was in the 5th grade.  Since that time he has grown to love the beach life and has embraced many of the different activities the area has to offer.  Luke is an avid surfer and may often be found in the water with his older brother Dylan Morris.  His love of surfing grew out of his enjoyment of body boarding.  As he became more and more comfortable in the water he began to excel at surfing. 
When he is not in the water, Luke is fishing in the water.  He has found that his favorite type of fishing is shark fishing from the surf.  Luke and several of his friends have been quite successful in recent months with their pastime.  As of now Luke’s most notable catches have included a 6-foot Black Tip Spinner and a 7 and a half-foot bull weighing 160 pounds.  The bull proved to be a good fight, as they tend to be the most aggressive. 
Perhaps one of the toughest things to leave behind when he moved from Rocky Mount to Kure Beach was hunting.  Even after all these years he still misses hunting.  Luke still makes time to hunt; however, it is never as often as he would like. 
Upon settling into life on the island, Luke joined the local scouting program and in April of this year was awarded with the distinct honor of becoming an Eagle Scout.  He credits the Scouts with teaching him many basic skills that especially apply to hunting and how to survive in the woods in case he were to become lost.  In addition he credits the scouts with teaching him how to be a good citizen and encouraging him to do good things for others. 
This hunting and fishing all around outdoorsman has another creative and artistic side.  While in high school, Luke was able to take a ceramics art class.  During this class he discovered that he has quite a talent for sculpting vases and other ceramic works of art.  Last year he entered three of his ceramic pieces into the statewide Scholastic Art Show where he received three awards.  Luke was honored with 2 gold keys and one silver key as he captured 2 first places and 1 second place.  He was offered an internship at the Cameron Art Museum in Wilmington as a result.  He would like to continue to work with ceramics in the future as the opportunity presents itself. 
Luke has been working at Freddie’s in Kure Beach for the past two years.  He is currently a bus boy and hopes to eventually become a waiter in the restaurant while he is working his way through school. 
Luke has found that over the past few years Mike Robertson has played a very influential role in his life.  “Since I moved here his son Paul and I have been best friends and he has always been there for me.  He has helped me when I needed it,” explained Luke.  He credits Mike with introducing him to the fire department as well as fishing.  A couple of years ago, Luke and Paul joined Mike in a Blue Marlin Fishing Tournament located in Moorehead City where they took 2nd place for a 454 pound Blue Marlin caught by Mike.  “He has taught me so much about fishing and life,” expressed Luke with a smile.


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