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Smile For Life: Pregnancy And Baby's Teeth

Vincent Smith, DDS

As early as the sixth week of embryonic life the baby teeth start to form. Even some permanent tooth buds are present after four months.
Therefore anything that affects the mother’s health can and probably will affect the color, strength and overall quality of the baby’s future teeth. If the mother does not maintain good health during the pregnancy - if she has prolonged sickness - if adequate, balanced nutrition does not take place - then the teeth of the forming baby may be affected.
Medical counseling and guidance during the pregnancy is essential if you expect the infinitely complex development process of the fetus to proceed in a healthy way. There is no single thing other than the genetic pattern itself that is more important to your baby’s teeth than your own good health during pregnancy.
Mother, get your own teeth checked while pregnant and discuss with your dentist the health issues that may affect the baby’s teeth.

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