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Smile For Life: Professional Cleaning: How Often?

Vincent Smith, DDS

How often should you have a professional cleaning? This depends on your own personal thoroughness with daily brushing, with the foods you eat, with any medications you take, and of course, smoking. Thorough cleaning is much more than simply cosmetic, although that is very important.
If you think you are the exceptional person who doesn’t need a periodic professional cleaning, buy some disclosing tablets at your pharmacy. A red dye is released when they are chewed which attaches itself to stain and plaque. Look in the mirror. The red stains show the areas that need scaling to prevent gum disease and cavities.
We are all subject to the formation of tartar, although the amount that precipitates out of saliva varies with each individual. If you accumulate little, then your teeth must be scaled infrequently.
Usually twice a year is sufficient. However, if you accumulate a lot - it must be more frequent or the irritation will cause pocket formation, bone loss, and eventually possible loss of your teeth.
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