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Pleasure Island Youth Baseball and Softball League Held their Opening Ceremonies this past Weekend


(Pictured Above): Got-Em-On Live Bait Club’s Softball team.
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By: Rachel N. Johnson
Features Editor

On Saturday, April 28th, the Pleasure Island Baseball and Softball League officially kicked off their season with their opening ceremony.  Each of the 9 teams that comprise the 2007 league was present and recognized as they took the field for the first time of the season.  Each team was called to take the field and each individual member was recognized.  During the opening ceremonies the mission of the league was explained as follows: “This program is designed as a recreational outlet, purely for the enjoyment of playing baseball. The program’s main goal is to provide an enjoyable learning experience for all players no matter what their abilities.  We hope that each and every child can experience all aspects of the game and learn the fundamentals that may even make them go on to be more competitive players someday. But most importantly, we hope that each child can have fun while learning and playing the game of baseball…  This is the 29th year for Pleasure Island Baseball and Softball and this program is still going strong. 
This 2007 season will serve 125 of our island’s youth with 8 teams and 4 divisions participating.  We congratulate all of the boys and girls who will participate in the league this year. “ The following young boys and girls will be playing on the Pleasure Island T-Ball teams: C.J. Tyson, Jacob Stewart, Hannah Brigham, Kevin Hall, Samuel Hagestrom, Troy Brinkman, Dylan McGowan, Davie Carroll, Estrella Shotwell, Patrick Oldham, Aaron Scoggin, Jacob Gulson, Jared Freud, Emmitt Pridgen, Jameson Finch, B.J. McGonville, David Anderson, David Bowles, Mason Vincent, Edward Evans, Edwin Tisdale, Trey Ziegler, Julianna Jones, Edward Ormond, and Harley Preik. 
Machine Pitch Players include: Mikayla Kenny, Jamie Allen, Dominic Toone, Gavin Greer, Grace Lachance, Jacob Thompson, Mason Sheets, Larry Davis, David Hicks, Tim Lawrie, Josh Stewart, Justin Balderson, Grant Grinnell, Zachary Tomasak, Harris Hord, Zachary Eason, Aurielle Schnider, William Copeland, Dallas Hammonds, Logan Tomasak, Kurt Potter, Lindsey Crandell, Brandon Dixon, Morgan Carpenter, Tyler Griggs, Austin Gammon, James Avery, Thomas Avery, Drake Brinkmen, Austin Goins, Kathryn Neff, Kaela Groseclose, Kyle Carpenter, and Davonte Williams.
The Minor League Players are Josh Block, Brandon Hudson, Jacob Belvin, Tyler McDowell, Houston Parry, Charlie Martin, Randall Lomax, Simon Schrider, Joseph Writz, Kyle Dowling, James Hitchcock, Trey Hensley, Griffen Faulkner, Tyler Faulkner, and Chris Avery.
 The Girls 11-13 Softball team consists of Ashley Marshall, Many Best Battaglia, Hannah Freeman, Ariel Finnicum, Julianna Rankin, Brianna Little, Emily Goins, Shelby Borden, Lauren Waugh, Samantha Roberts, Laurel Nusbaumer, and Rosemary Estler. 


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