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Will King; Energy and Enthusiasm Combined with a Winning Smile


(Pictured Left): Will King.
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By: Rachel N. Johnson
Features Editor

This week’s student of the week brought to you by the FudgeBoat and Wheel Fun Rentals is Will King of Kure Beach.  Will is a 9-year-old 3rd Grader at Carolina Beach Elementary School. 
Will is a free spirit who lives his life with energy and enthusiasm.  There is nothing that Will cannot accomplish once he sets his mind to it.  Will was originally born in Florida but has grown up in the Wilmington area.  “I moved here when I was just a few months old,” said Will with a smile. Upon meeting Will, we instantly became friends as he told me about his favorite video games, and walked with me barefoot to his favorite place – the beach.  It was only suiting that we conduct our interview from atop a lifeguard stand in Kure Beach as this is where Will spends a lot of time soaking in the beach and dreaming about the future. 
Will is a unique spirit who exudes an abundance of enthusiasm and love to all around him.  As we sat watching the waves roll to shore, talking about Will’s favorite things, I couldn’t help but notice the way his smile reflected all of the joys of childhood.  Will has that special something that is certain to take him far in life.
Will like any other 9-year old boy loves to play outside with his friends.  Together they ride bikes, skateboard, ride scooters, go to the beach, and “just run around and play stuff.”  He is also very into his X-box and loves to play Mortal Combat, Tony Hawk Skate Boarding games, Small Arms, and Worms.  He really enjoys the free time after he finishes his homework and before bedtime when he has the opportunity to play X-Box.
When Will King is on the beach, he finds great joy in looking for and chasing crabs and other sea life.  He spends the majority of his time in the summer swimming the ocean and riding the waves. 
Some of Will’s favorite things to do include “making my Grandma crazy! I sometimes get up really early and disturb her peace in the morning,” said Will with a smile.   He and his grandmother have a very close relationship and enjoy spending time together. 
I asked Will to plan his perfect day and this is what he said, “I would have Lucky Charms for breakfast not the chocolate ones but the regular ones.  I like to eat the marshmallows and my favorite is the moon.  Then I would let myself wake up a little bit by playing X-Box and watching TV.  Then I would go outside and play with my friends and ride bikes.  Next I would ask my Dad to go to Jungle Rapids and play laser tag.  It is set up like the Alien vs. Predator movie. After that we would have lunch anywhere that my Dad hates like McDonald’s or Taco Bell!  Then we would go to the park for a little while and then go see a movie like Spiderman 3 but I have already seen that one so we would pick something different. 
Then we would go home because it would be nighttime and we would stay up late playing games.  Oh and we would have cereal for dinner.  More Lucky Charms!” 
Will has big plans for his future and hopes to follow in the footsteps of his father and uncle by serving in the United States Military.  After serving in the military, he would like to become a police officer and then eventually be in the Special Forces.  Will looks up to his Grandmother, and his father.  “I look up to my grandmother and dad because they have respect for me and they take good care of me.”  Will is the oldest of 4 and he is the only boy.  He and his sisters have a typical childhood relationship where they drive each other crazy!  Family is a very big part of Will’s life and he enjoys being able to spend time with them. 
Will King is a very special young man with a bright future in front of him.  The Island Gazette is proud to feature him as Student of the Week.  Will is a bright spot in the lives of many he has come in contact with.  Congratulations Will and keep up the good work.
Note: Each student featured as Student of the Week receives a free ice cream cone from the FudgeBoat and a free rental from Wheel Fun Rentals.  If you would like to nominate a Student for Student of the Week, please contact Rachel at 458-8156 or drop nominations off at the FudgeBoat or Wheel Fun Rentals in Carolina Beach. 


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