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Offer To Purchase Lots May Be A Mixed Blessing

Dear Editor:
The Town’s offers to purchase two lots if grant money is available area may be a mixed blessing.  The car wash near the lake has long been a community eyesore. 
The opportunity to remove it and integrate the lot into the park at the lake presents a huge opportunity to beautify the south end of the central business district. 
However, building a municipal building there seems to offer little in the way of community improvements to the town’s needs, and could, in fact, create additional downtown parking problems that we certainly do not need.  It seems to me that if a new structure to house offices for community planning is really needed, that we would be better served if that facility were located closer to the Town’s municipal center and the existing parking lot. I believe land is available on the west side of the complex that could suit this purpose.  However, if more room is needed, perhaps integrating the planning facility with whatever structure might be envisioned on the Cape Fear Boulevard property would better justify the price offered for that property.
Detlev Lancaster,
Carolina Beach, NC


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