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For Your Consideration: Election Scars

Contributing Writer

The election is over, but at the time of this writing the results are unknown. 
This appears to be one of the most contentious elections in recent history, regardless of who wins the election there are bound to be accusations made by the opposing side of improper voting. 
It would seem at this time, if one is to believe the polls, that the nation is divided down the middle on its choice of leadership for the next four years. One can only hope that the polls are incorrect and that whichever candidate gets the nod winds up with a clear majority, which would indicate that polls were poorly constructed.
The greater the separation between the two presidential candidates the greater the opportunity of getting back to some sort of normalcy; this is not to suggest that either side will give up their positions, but it may reduce suggestions of a tainted election process.
There are some things that can and should be addressed now; one of these items has to do with the problems our voting system is dealing with now. The voting system should be set up to ensure that each person that is legally eligible to vote is given that opportunity, and that any adjustments to changes in locations or methods for voting receive strict implementation guidelines. 
Another problem, that might be related to parties wanting voters to apply for absentee ballots to influence the election picture, is
the fact that if a voter requests an absentee ballot, but decides to vote in person then their vote will be tabulated after all the absentee ballots have been counted.
It would appear that the parties are more interested in creating images, than in having a smooth and accountable election.
The politicians are making voting more complicated and convoluted; if these problems and others are going to be addressed, the work should start as soon as possible after this election, while many of the problems are still fresh in evaluators’ minds. 
One more point that needs to be made on behalf of our military personnel, they fight to protect us and keep us safe from harm, the least we can do is ensure that they are given every opportunity to cast their votes.
To suggest that these defenders of our liberty should not receive any special consideration is ridiculous,
unless we are willing to give them the very same
rights and privileges that other government employees receive.
If one is going to use the arguments that are often cited, then let’s view the position form the opposite end.
Regardless of the outcome of this election it’s clear that there are a number of serious problems that need to be addressed; hopefully, the politicians will put aside any grievances and start to approach the difficulties the nation is facing. 
One would like to believe that our representatives could be counted on meaning what they say, but regretfully many of them have shown that their rhetoric does not match up with their actions. 
The electorate will have to pay more attention to the actions that are being taken by their representatives, and hold them accountable when they don’t deliver.
The nation will have to put up with the final results of this election for the next four years, about all that can be done is change representatives in Congress that stand in the way of providing a responsible government.  All we can do is hope for the best now.