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For Your Consideration: Not Surprised

Contributing Writer

It is one week past the election and the electorate has spoken.  A portion of the population is dumbfounded at the results of the presidential election, but if one were to look at all the factors that had an impact on the eventual outcome of this election then one should not be surprised; this election has confirmed some problems that many were reluctant to subscribe to the American electorate and the voting system employed to register our votes.
One factor that is clearly evident is the lack of understanding of what factors contribute to a healthy economy; there is no way that the Nation can get out of the economic slump it is in with the policies that the current administration is pursuing. Not only is it a mistake to increase taxes at this time, a fact that the President has already acknowledged, but the added extension of a safety net for all those that are being dropped from the workforce, and those being allowed to enter the country illegally makes the situation even more critical. To add to this bleak picture, the administration continues to expand employment in the public Federal system, which requires more revenue from the private sector. The full throttle approach for renewable energy, while the nation is facing a fiscal crisis, is illogical. Almost all of the actions that this administration is taking are only going to lead us back into a recession.  Without some serious corrections it is very likely that we will create another “Great Depression”, something that very few people, that are alive today, have a firsthand knowledge of.
The crux of this problem leads to an educational system that appears more interested in indoctrination than education. There are more than enough examples in history that will indicate the eventual disposition of our country if it continues on its current course. One really only needs to look at many of the nations around the world that are unable to continue to support the social systems they have created; what is it that makes us think we can follow the same course and end up with a better result. The educational system should teach students the pitfalls that befall a society when a ruling class is allowed to manipulate the behavior of the citizenry, if this is allowed to continue freedom will be lost for the individual. The nation is being lead away form “We the people”, which is a distinction that no other nation around the world has; this aspect of our nation is being tossed into the trash heap with many other aspect of our Constitution.
It’s also bewildering to think that negative campaigning can be as effective as it seems to have been in this election, while no presentation of future plans by the current administration have been presented with any resemblance of detail that one could call a rational plan for the nation’s future.
The main stream media has lost the respect of many citizens as a result of its reporting on many of the issues that are impacting us on a daily basis; items of concern to citizens are ignored or presented incorrectly.
Frequently, opinions are given as fact, and seldom does one find a critical analysis of the positions that are presented; even when a subject is debated, it is seldom in a rational logical manner. The individual will have to be more critical about the information being presented, and always be alert to the fact that the information may not be correct and that its presentation may have an alternate objective.
The crisis we see before us is the result of past actions by both parties, but this president has doubled down on efforts to strengthen the role of the Federal Government, in particular that of the Executive Branch; this trend needs to be opposed.