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For Your Consideration: Economic Heart Attack

Contributing Writer

It is easy for one to become frustrated at being unable to get across some basic economic principles to the general public, or at least a sizeable portion of the public.
There was a time that a common phrase reflected the Nation’s economic position; when one spoke of the main thrust of the U.S.; it was expressed with the following phrase: “The business of America is business.”
The business that was being cited was the private sector that operated under the basic principles of a capitalistic system, for the most part. The private business sector is the organism that pumps the Nation’s life’s blood through the system, enabling the nation to function and flourish. 
Government has been continually encroaching on the operations of the private sector, to a point that it is on the verge of destroying the very organ that supports the nation’s functions, which also includes all activities of the government.
The legislation the government turns out on a daily basis is rapidly clogging the arteries, which is cutting off the nation’s life blood that enables the government to function. At the same time the government is placing more of a strain on the system with the massive increases in the public sector employment.
Almost all the actions that are being employed by the government are setting the Nation up for a massive heart attack.
The rationale behind these moves appears to be an effort to support the general public, but the actions are going to lead to an inability to do the very thing it’s trying to do.
It would seem that neither the government nor those that it is attempting to help have the ability to see that they are destroying the very system that is attempting to support them.
The current administration’s ideology is going to have a disastrous impact on the nation, the impact of its actions cannot be blamed on the Republican Party; this is not to suggest that the Republicans have not contributed to the outcome as a result of their inaction. One finds it very improbable that this administration can execute a complete reversal of its ideological position. There are a few things a person can do to prepare for the collapse of our economic system. One option is to inundate your representatives with Emails and phone calls in hopes of getting through to them about your concerns; this may motivate them to take some actions that will lessen the impact. The most important thing one can do is to look at the potential hardships that a collapse of our economic will have on you and take action to offset that potential harm.
Some may see this view of our future economy as unnecessarily bleak, one can only hope they are correct. There is a saying that suggests that one should hope for the best, but to prepare for the worst. This would seem to fit our current economic environment like a glove. Man continually seems to ignore the lessons of the past, but to ignore these lessons when they are present today in other nations around the world is totally illogical.