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For Your Consideration: Curious

Contributing Writer

There are so many things the electorate should be questioning, but we seem to unconditionally accept a wide range of contradictory statements by politicians and their pundits as gospel, and to make the utterances more tolerable they are massaged by supporters of the political positions.
Terms that can have a multiplicity of meanings are inserted into the politician’s rhetoric to allow the electorate to paint the picture that suits the hearer; this behavior needs to be corrected if the nation is ever going to resolve the problems that are developing in our society.
There are a number of issues that are of great concern to many citizens, but they are being addressed with talking points that don’t bring forth the complexity within these topics.
The question of raising the debt ceiling is a case in point; there is no question that it would be foolish for the government to default on its obligations, but the whole truth is not being presented to the electorate, so that it can be brought to a rational solution.
The President has suggested that the Republicans have created the situation that is requiring the need for a raise in the debt limit, but a good part of the problem was created by the Democrats with the passage of the “Affordable Healthcare Act.” 
The Act created a vast expansion of the Federal bureaucracy, which was an act that could be attributed entirely to the Democrats.  This is not to suggest that the Republicans can be held harmless, but their contributions have been largely due to the President’s efforts to manipulate the political environment to pass programs that the administration wanted. The Republicans have continually allowed themselves to be painted into a corner; they have shown more concern for their political position, than in presenting the facts in a manner that could be understood by the electorate. The President’s position that the Republicans should raise the debt ceiling because they have created the conditions that require this action is a specious one.
Another problem that the Republicans have created for themselves is not addressing the relief act that was sent to the House by the Senate, when action was delayed on this Bill a reason or explanation should have been given.
There were a number of items in the Bill from the Senate that had nothing to do with relief for the victims of Sandy; the action
taken by the House was the only rational course the House could take, given the fact that the Senate had gone home and the budget has already been exceeded.
The administration with the help of much of the media has managed to manipulate the Republican Party into taking actions that have not been thought out. It’s clear that there are no shortages of catastrophes with this administration; it may be advisable to look at the actions being taken by the administration and the impact of these actions on the condition of the Nation, given the never-ending parade of catastrophes being experienced.
The Nation is also faced with resolving some of the problems that resulted from the senseless killing of young children in Newtown Connecticut; this tragedy is being approached as if there is a final solution to problems of this nature, but there is no real solution to this problem that will be acceptable to a free society.
The problem is that the government is approaching this evil as though it can be controlled by putting stricter restrictions on guns and their ownership, but it is apparent that guns are bought and sold every day outside of the legal realm, and government is incapable of controlling these exchanges.
In the end the lawless will have weapons and the law-abiding people will be defenseless.
This problem has many facets, and there are no simple answers to prevent occurrences like this from happening again. It might be more productive to look at the new mindset that has been developing in our society.