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For Your Consideration: Immigration Ploy

Contributing Writer

It would be nice, given all the problems that illegal immigration has created in this country, if our elected representatives made a serious attempt to come up with a workable immigration plan that would resolve the problems and be a functional plan that would address future immigration and all the variables that may impact the need for changes in the future.
Clearly this is not the intent of the current crop of politicians that are in Congress or in the Administrative Branch of our government; the government appears intent on using worn-out talking points to support the various positions.
It would seem reasonable for the participants to first outline the various objectives that a comprehensive immigration bill would contain; including the basic principles would enable the framers of the bill a guide post to keep them on track, it would also inform the electorate of any hidden objectives that politicians may be employing in the construction of the bill.
One should find the figures being used by the media and that administration a little bit disturbing given the fact that the eleven million illegal immigrants was the same figure being used four years ago, and that figure was from a source that was two years old; are we to believe that there has been no increase in this population in the intervening years?
It’s clear that any comprehensive bill will have to have controls that will address individuals coming into the country, as well as controls that will assure the status of individuals that are already in the country.
Given the fact that the government appears inclined to give all sorts of benefits to individuals regardless of their status, it seems reasonable to set some limits to the benefits that an illegal immigrant will receive. The Nation can’t continue to cover every individual that finds themselves in need of one of the benefits that have been designed to cover legal citizens; continuing this practice is only going to drive the nation deeper in debt.
It would also seem reasonable to have a set of requirements that a prospective citizen would have to meet before receiving citizenship papers. Speaking English should be a basic requirement if there is a real intent of having the individual meld into our society.
There has to be a serious effort to accept all new comers as individuals if we are ever going to get away from the idea of establishing groups that are treated differently; the individual needs to be viewed as an individual and evaluated from this perspective.
There are countries all around the world that have established groupings within their borders that tend to look at these grouping as being outside the norm; this is not what the Founders had in mind for this nation, the individual was supposed to be the focal point.
The Nation was making good strives to establish the primacy of the individual, but this aspect has gone through a change for the worse recently, in part due to the problems associated with illegal immigration. The sovereignty of the Nation and its laws must be reasserted if we are ever able to establish some sort of rational equilibrium for the nation.
There are no nations that have as liberal an attitude towards immigration as the United States, and yet our politicians continue to suggest that we should do more. It’s high time the politicians put some thought into what they are doing to the country with the actions they have taken, and the proposals they are currently making.
Just think of what would happen if the United States applied the same actions that the immigrants’ nations would take if an American citizen were to go to their country.
This immigration problem does not have to be addressed every generation because our elected officials are unable to come up with a real comprehensive immigration plan. Given the actions thus far of our political leaders, it is hard to believe that they are capable of coming up with a sound comprehensive immigration plan, get ready for more of the same.