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For Your Consideration: Removing an Obstacle

Contributing Writer

There have been calls to abandon the Constitution of the United States; proponents’ of this view have suggested that it is out of date with the times, but the real reason is that it has been designed so that no one sector of our government can attain enough power to control the country without any opposition.
Those that would do away with the Constitution fail to inform the public that the Constitution has within its construction the means of making changes, which has occurred many times within our history, but they object to the method employed for change because it’s too difficult to make the rapid changes that some would like to employ. 
The sad thing about this move is that changes are being made in our government without changing the Constitution, it is being accomplished by distorting the intent of the Constitution and by appointing members to the Supreme Court that are willing to ignore the spirit of the Constitution.
By changing the interpretation of the wording and applying these changes to other words there has been a slow erosion of the real intent of the Constitution.
The Federal Government is intent on getting the power concentrated in the Administrative Branch of the government, and lessening the independency of the states.
The recent passage of the “Affordable Healthcare Act” and the innumerable additions being made by various departments in the Administrative branch is a good example of how things are being changed, and many of these changes are tied to legislation that has been past in previous administrations and interpreted by previous Supreme Courts.
The next time a pundit of this view suggests that the Constitution needs to be done away with, note that only generalized terms will be used to support this position, and if any examples are given they will more than likely enhance the power of the Administrative Branch of government. The chances of this view coming to fruition are very likely given the efforts that are being made by the Federal Government; its efforts to start educating our children at an earlier age is only one move being made to ensure that this centralization comes to pass. Over the generations government has inserted itself into the educational system, but the results have not been positive for the individual.
There is a lot more diversity in the courses that are being offered at all levels in the educational system, but are these courses the ones that will enable the individual to function as a responsible rational person?  One clear indication of what is happening to many in our population is the increased use of sound-bites when making a point; this is the easy way out, for one does not have to think.   
It cannot be sited often enough that our Constitution is unique in its construction and its ability to protect the individual, if it is applied the way the Founders meant for it to work. If one wants the government to direct their lives, then they will be in favor of abolishing the Constitution. 
The intent behind the abolishment of the Constitution is to remove the real block to the acquisition of power by and for the government at the individual’s expense.
One has to question the electorates ability to understand the actions of the government that has given an oath to protect and defend the Constitution, remember this fact the next time an elected representative suggests that the Constitution is out of date and needs to be replaced or takes actions that are designed to get around the one thing that is protecting the individual’s freedom. Are these representatives the kinds of people that we want representing us?