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For Your Consideration: Pronounced Classism

Contributing Writer

Is the nation going in the right direction when more emphasis is placed on some grouping that puts one group against another?
This appears to be the approach that the current administration is utilizing to enhance its power. Many of us may use a grouping as a generalized guide in out interactions with others, but it would be a mistake to label the individual with the generic grouping that has been built up in our brains over one’s lifetime.
These generalized groupings are in a continual flux, and the degree of flux is going to be influenced by the manner in which the new information is processed; it is extremely important to realize that there are very few individuals that will fit into one’s concept of any given group, this means that each individual needs to be viewed as standing alone and apart from the generalized grouping in one’s mind.
To show favor or disfavor towards any race, nationality, ethnic, socioeconomic, or educational grouping will eventually lead to a conflict that can destroy a nation.
This concept of putting one group against another has been a tactic that has been utilized for centuries by individuals looking to enhance their power; this tactic has been very effective when it’s employed during social unrest or hard economic times.
The electorate should be made aware of the use of this tactic and act to prevent its use from having the desired results by opposing those that are employing it.
The electorate needs to assure that each individual regardless of which generalized category they may fall into is treated the same way. The laws that are passed should be blind to groupings that are employed by those seeking to gain power, and the legislators should take into consideration the true cost of the promises that are made to individuals and that the benefits are applied across the full spectrum of citizens regardless of the grouping the individual falls into, it’s clear that we have not been following these basic rules in the intervening generations since our founding.
The thought of placating any particular group, such as the Hispanics, is not something that should ever enter into consideration when talking about illegal immigration.
The real consideration should be the impact that any action is going to have on our overall societal structure, and whether the country has the resources to absorb the impact that any legislation is going to incur.
Given the government’s propensity to underestimate the cost of projects, it would behoove the legislators to double the estimated cost before passing any legislation; even this tactic may fall short of the mark given the track record of the government agencies that are responsible for managing the various government programs.
The government is continually adding more programs and expanding the coverage of existing programs; these actions will create numerous problems for the country in the near future, given the fact that it has not applied any basic organizational principles in the development of the legislation that is being passed on a daily basis, and this does not address the additional problems that are caused when the various departments add their rules to comply with the legislation that Congress has passed.
One has a right to expect more from our representatives than what we are currently receiving; consider what our elected representatives are doing and watch for the results that will be following very shortly. The political parties and the various branches of government will be pointing at each other as the responsible party, don’t let any of them get away with this tactic, they are all responsible. The actions that are being taken by many of the politicians are designed to enhance political power and control over the populace.