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For Your Consideration: Line Them Up

Contributing Writer

There appears to be a never ending chain of problems and emergencies; this perpetual condition seems to be a systemic condition with respect to our Federal government.
One has to wonder if this condition is related to the fact that the President’s management style was influenced by his work as a community organizer, which does not employ many of the basic principles found in private sector businesses; the prime tools appear to be emotive in nature, and applications of this type generally tend to distort or impede the positive principles that are needed to put the economy on a sound footing.
When one looks at the response by the general public it’s easy to get the impression that a large portion of our population has very little understanding of the value and the real importance of applying these basic business principles to the operation of the Federal government.
The Nation’s economic system can only be made whole if these principles are employed in the private sector, and if legislators work to eliminate burdensome legislation that does little to protect the public, even if this is the rationale that is used to sell much of the legislation that is passed by Congress.
The government appears to be doing everything in its power to reduce the effectiveness of the private sector while increasing the manpower in the public sector; these actions are going to have a negative impact on both the private and public sectors of our system, this simple fact seems to elude major portions of the electorate.
Sequestration may just help to wake the public up to what is happening with our government, or better yet, what is not happening in our government. When one looks at the individual states it becomes clear that it is the states that are applying sound business principles that are helping to keep the Nation afloat, and those states that are following the President’s ideology are going further in debt.
The little growth that the country is experiencing is the result of the actions being taken that are antithetical to the position that is being touted by the President, and yet he implies that the positive result are due to the actions taken by his administration.
The electorate is going to have to pay more attention to what our elected officials are doing; the information is out there in the media, but one needs to apply some discretion in selecting sources of information.
It might behoove the electorate to go to some of the sources that the administration is suggesting that they stay away from. Regardless of the source one should always be critical when assimilating information.
The recipient of this information is seldom going to get the whole truth, but over time the information will tend to make more sense and the problem and possible solutions will start to come into focus.
It is important that one does not go with a position that fits one’s view; it is more important that the information fits reality, and this may require one to hold the information in abeyance until further information is collected. Another device that can be very helpful is to pay attention to what the politician is saying, then correlate the actions that are taken by the politician to see if they conform to the rhetoric employed on the subject; if the actions don’t conform to the rhetoric check the language that was used and find out how you have been mislead.
Frequently one finds that the politician has not lied, but has used terminology that can have more than one meaning.
These endless problems can be resolved if they are approached logically and if one is not lead to some limited solution by the politicians.