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For Your Consideration: The Pope

Contributing Writer

The Roman Catholic Church has selected a new Pope; the selection has surprised many, both in and out of the Church.
Some people think the selection should have been one that would be more amendable to bring the Church to a position that reflects the values of today’s culture, but these people are evidently lacking a true understanding of the Church’s real tenets. There are people that would rather the Church functioned like many of our politicians that change a system to reflect some cultural norm, regardless of how dysfunctional it is.
The Pope is responsible for keeping the teachings of Jesus intact, and it would appear that the Cardinals have made a selection that may prove to be very disconcerting to many parishioners that have employed methods to get around the teachings of Christ; they may not be as free to disregard the teachings in the future.
If some of the speculation about the new Pope is correct, his actions could very well have an impact on many Protestant denominations, because many of them have had more of a tendency to incorporate many of the values of the current culture, and many of these values are not in sync with Jesus’ teaching, but they have been embraced to increase the number of parishioners in a church.
Pope Francis, taking the name of Saint Francis of Assisi, seems very likely to reflect many of the qualities that Saint Francis exhibited when he was alive; these are qualities that many Christians are going to find very hard to live up to. It’s going to be even more interesting when politicians that claim to be Christians are evaluated with the values that may be expressed by the Pope; their freedom to manipulate the motivations that are cloaked in Christian garb may not be quite as acceptable as they had been in the past.
Even the President may find some of his positions come under more scrutiny than they have in the past, given the fact that he claims to be a serving the public.
One may not expect the President to emulate the Pope’s behavior, but there might be some expectation that there would be some reasonable
correlation in their behavior as a result of their responsibilities.
The President does have an edge because the final arbiter to many of the actions that are taken by Congress and the President is the United States Supreme Court, and this body is more apt to be influenced by the general public than to abide to the letter and spirit of the Constitution.
It is going to be interesting to see how much influence the current Pope is going to have on the diverse bodies that make up our culture, if any. It might be worth keeping an eye on this Pope to
see if his influence is extended beyond the confines of the Catholic Church; one can hope that the Pope’s proclamations will give many of us something to think about when we evaluate our own actions.