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For Your Consideration: System Overload

Contributing Writer

It’s surprising that Congress gets anything done; it’s not surprising to find that most of what is accomplished frequently needs to be tweaked. Just about everything the Congress is dealing with has been addressed before, but the prime motivation for revisiting passed legislation is related to political pressure being applied from outside of Congress, and sometimes from one of the two Congressional parties that perceive an opportunity to gain some political points.
The approach that is employed by most of our representatives appears to be guided by the perceived impact the legislation is going to have on either of the two political parties; add to this the fact that a number of representatives never read the legislation that they are voting on, they rely on a general description that is supplied by a trusted member.
The approach that Congress is using is not designed to resolve problems, it is designed to give an impression that something has been done that will resolve the problem being addressed.  
The approach that should be employed is one that clearly outlines all the problems that need to be dealt with, at this point a set of principles need to be established to guide legislators in their endeavor to come up with some resolutions to the problems that the legislation is being drafted for.
Then outline the various methods that could be employed to resolve each of the problems.
When this has been accomplished the various methods can be illuminated as a result of their feasibility, taking into consideration such factors as their compatibility with various constitutions, and established legislation, the cost effectiveness of each of the possible solutions within each category, and the probability of effective enforcement of each item.
This approach requires a great deal of thought and analysis, and would limit the number of bills that could be presented at any one time. This approach would allow the electorate to evaluate the effectiveness of the law makers’ ability to manage the Nation’s problems.
One thing is clear; our elected officials are not producing legislation that is designed to be cost effective or practical in their application. There are some aspects that present problems within a society that cannot be addressed with legislation without severely curtailing the individual’s freedom, a good part of the legislation that is being implemented these days’ falls within this category; the best way to address these areas is through education of the individual. Many of the Nation’s problems could be resolved with an improved education system, but it would appear that the government is more interested in indoctrination than in education.
If we are trying to achieve a Utopian society at this stage of man’s development, we will only create more problems for ourselves. The electors and their representatives have shown that this Utopian concept is not attainable, and any attempt to achieve this goal will lead to failure. We can legislate till the cows come home and we will not accomplish anything except to decrease an individual’s freedom.