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For Your Consideration: Terrorism

Contributing Writer

The term “terrorism” can be applied to a number of actions that are designed to instill fear and destabilize a person or a group of people; it is being applied in this country today as acts that are being performed by groups of radical Islamic individuals.
Our nation has been plagued by various forms of terrorism for most of our history, but the current form of terrorism is of concern due to the fact that it is coming for many sources, but they all have one objective, and that’s to reduce this country’s ability to restrain their objective, which appears to be the destruction of all ideologies that do not reflect their position.
If they succeed there will still be a conflict because there are two radical Islamic groups that are at odds with each other. This ideology will fail for the same reason others of this nature have failed in the past, they have treated individuals as if they could be controlled by one doctrine or another, eventually this condition creates a condition that is akin to a pressure cooker within a society.
After 9/11 the country reviewed the security procedures that were in place to keep the nation safe from attacks of this nature; major changes were made to a wide range of procedures that were supposed to protect the country from future terrorist attacks. 
The terrorist have evolved over the intervening years, but parts of the nation’s
security system have failed to keep up with the changes that were made by the terrorist, this is due in part to avoid offending the Muslim sector of our population. The government has deluded itself into believing that there was no longer a threat from Islamic terrorist, and it has backed off from addressing this threat aggressively.  The Boston marathon could have been avoided if the security system had given attention to some of the indicators that were present, but these were allowed to drop through the cracks. It is apparent that our security system is not up to par and it will continue to fall short of the mark as long as the nation fails to control its borders.
Both political parties fail to see that our immigration policies will present problems to the nation in the future; this is an opening that will be utilized in the future, if it is has not already been used. Many politicians have suggested that none of these attacks have been as a result of the migration that we are experiencing from our southern border, but this still remains a potential threat to our country.
Politicians have suggested that these terrorist attacks will not prevent the nation from conducting its daily business in a normal fashion; one has to question this position in light of the actions that were taken after the Boston marathon attack. Closing down many sections of a city, and restricting residents to their homes, and checking out many of these homes does not fit the description being presented by the politicians.  When will the electorate wake up to the fact that our representatives are not doing the job they were sent to Washington to do, or are they? 
Are we sending them to Congress to bring home the goodies, or to address the basic principles that will permit the country to function efficiently; this seems to be the basic question that never really seems to get answered. The populace needs to pay less attention to the rhetoric that is presented by the media and the politicians, and more attention to the results of the actions that are being taken by our representatives.  The nation will never be one-hundred percent safe, but we can do a better job than we are currently doing. We need to reestablish our sovereignty and establish policies that will integrate newcomers into our society with some of the basic ideas that make this county stand out.
The government is acting like we need to be giving anybody that comes into the country a higher level of consideration, and put no emphasis on what they are giving to the country.