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For Your Consideration: What’s A Conservative?

Contributing Writer

The average person is probably confused over the use of the term “conservative”, but given our politicians liberal use of this term, it’s not surprising. Many Republican candidates, and some Democrats, cloak themselves in this term, thinking that the electorate will perceive them as being more reliable or responsible, but most of these candidates don’t quite measure up to the true meaning of the term, if they did the country would not be in the shape it’s in. It would probably be more appropriate to call a true conservative a Constitutional conservative, and to extend the meaning of the term beyond the letter of the law, to the spirit of the law.
It should be clear to anyone that has some concept of the basic principles that are imbedded in the U.S. Constitution that most of our elected officials have little concern with these principles that have the potential of making this country an example that the rest of the world would follow with pleasure.
Even with the perversions that many  of our elected officials have tried to superimpose over the Constitution, people still flocked to this country in the early days, in hopes of making a better life for themselves and their families, and the attraction was not related to any benefits that the government was providing, because there were none.
Politicians in both parties are on the verge of totally destroying the Nation and its Constitution; a true conservative is a person that would do everything in their power to reestablish the basic principles that are in our Constitution.
If one thought about what was at the heart of the Constitution, the journey would start with the Declaration of Independents, with the words “We the People”, this did not mean that the people ruled, rather that it was the individual that ruled, this fact is frequently over looked when discussing the Constitution. The politicians are continually suggesting that we are a democratic society, but nothing could be further from the truth, it is the individual that was intended to rule, but this concept is so foreign to all previous governments and institutions of the world that the true concept never really sunk in. The country appears to be hooked on the concept of polls that suggest that the country should go in this direction or that direction, but that is just another way of saying that some group has control over the direction of an individual’s life, this was not the intent of our Founders. The Constitution was designed to maximize the individual’s freedom, which is clearly expressed in the Bill of Rights, or the first ten amendments to the Constitution, but our elected officials continually ignore this fact when developing legislation that governs almost every aspect of the individual’s life.
The Founders were acutely aware of the paradigm that they were presenting to this new nation, one that had not been present in any other nation prior to that time, or since.
It was clear that the individual would have to have an education, and show a high degree of responsibility and accountability for one’s actions, it placed the burden of control on the individual, and the limiting control on the individual was to be applied by the government, sparingly, when the individual failed to exercise self-control.
The problem with their presentation was that they failed to give examples of how the government’s laws were to be applied; the information was within the original document, but it required thinking individuals to apply it, but our government has lacked representatives that had achieved a comparable level of understanding as our Founders. 
Over the intervening generations the Nation has managed to move further away from the goal that was set for the Nation, it would appear that the human species is incapable of extracting itself from this endless cycle of self-destruction, even when it’s presented with a rational plan to aid in the extraction.  There are certain principles that must be applied for the Founders’ plan to succeed: the individual must be taught to think critically, to take responsibility for their actions, and to restrict the tendency to subject others to their values. Government needs to limit its control to preventing the infringement of one individual into another individual’s rights; this last aspect needs to be expanded to situations that may involve corporations, institutions, or individuals that have an impact on certain aspects of our environment that belong to all life forms on the planet.
It is doubtful that our Founders expected us to achieve perfection just because they presented a paradigm that gave us a roadmap to follow, but there are enough basic principles in this system to help the Nation navigate out of this endless self-destructive cycle that humans have been trapped in during its entire existence.