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For Your Consideration: Constitutional Conservative: D, I, R

Contributing Writer

It’s difficult to understand the reasoning of the electorate and the representatives that they elect to offices to represent them, they talk about “the American way”, but it’s hard to discern what they mean when using this term. Is it our form of government and our Constitution that makes America different, or is it the borders that define our nation?
It seems clear that it’s not our borders, because our government treats them as if they were nonexistent, or the Constitution that our elected officials seem intent on throwing into the trash heap, here too there is a total lack of adherence to the general principles imbedded in this document.
It’s about time that our elected officials and the electorate stopped functioning on an emotional level whenever the term “the American way” is used; it shows that our elected officials are treating the electorate as if they were Pavlov’s dogs, and regretfully this would appear to be the case given the response by many voters.
The electorate appears to be willing to allow their representative to continually condition them to react at an emotional level, rather than applying rational logic, and the elected officials have gotten better at the indoctrination process, and have started employing it at very early stages of the individual’s life.
    It is never too late to realize that the electorate, the individual, is being conditioned to be compliant to the dictates of the ruling class, because that’s what our elected officials have become.
A true Constitutional conservative would be voting for individuals that recognized the beauty of our Constitution and of the constitutions in the states that they reside in, and not for any established party affiliation, it’s time to get back to the “American way”.
The electorate can continue on their way towards serfdom, or they can make an effort to reverse the conditioning that has been conducted over past generations. This is a critical period because both political parties have been taking the Nation in a direction that is very close to dissolving the U.S. Constitution and the constitutions of each of the states.
The electorate needs to learn how to inoculate themselves from all the propaganda that is given out by the media and the political parties, this may take some time, but it will be time well spent if we can eliminate representatives that are seeking positions for personal gain.
It should not matter how much money a candidate or party has to spread their message, if the electorate learns how to evaluate the message that is being presented. The most common technique used to influence the voter is repetition, this is accomplished by making the name common for acceptance, the message that is associated with the candidate may vary in style,
but the message is usually one that can be presented in an acceptable manner to a large portion of the population; when one sees this kind of message it would be wise to evaluate the number of emotive terms that are used in the message, as opposed to information that has a substantiative value to support the message.
The other thing the electorate needs to look out for are messages that are totally related to knocking the opposition, both parties do this, but they fail to suggest what they would do to fix a given problem. In recent times the party in power has lambasted the opposition party for the actions it took, and when they got into power, they continued with the very same actions that they had been criticizing the opposing party for.
Make sure you receive your inoculation against propaganda before the May 6th Primary, if you get enough inoculations it won’t make any difference how much money the politicians pour into their campaigns, because you’ll be able discern the truth when you see it.
This is a call to all true Constitutional conservatives regardless of party affiliation to head to the pools armed with facts.