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For Your Consideration: Unexceptional

Contributing Writer

The President may be on the verge of proving that he was correct when he stated that America was not an exceptional nation, his statement is also fitting in with his concept of “Fundamentally transforming” the Nation.
The Founders were well aware of mans’ history, and attempted to give us a Constitution that would prevent this Nation from following the same path that all nations previous to us have gone down, they even pointed out what would be required by its citizens to keep this ideal concept alive and functioning, but they had concerns about the citizens’ ability to develop the essential attributes need to have the plan come to its fruition.
The Founders realized that a sound education was an indispensable aspect if the plan was to succeed, but rational thought was expected to be a part of that educational program, it was also expected that the individual would learn self-control, so that there would be less need for the government to impose laws that would prevent one individual from infringing on the rights of others.
The environment, both physical and psychological, was conducive to accepting the general concepts that were laid out by the drafters of the Constitution. The early settlers had no choice but to accept the truths of life if they were to survive, which meant they had to analyze a situation if it lead to negative consequences, this activity was a process that was employed on a daily basis, and it continued to be utilized as long as there was a great expanse that needed to be explored, granted each succeeding generation applied knowledge that had been gained from previous explorers, but that information was going through transitions due to the environment and the resources on hand at the time.
The Founders were insightful individuals that wanted this nation to have something that would ensure its position in history, but they were also keenly aware of mans’ flaw to dominate others and to create environmental conditions that would enhance that control, but this condition tends to squelch the innovators in a society, this quality has not been eliminated from our society, but it has been severely handicapped by government’s regulations and laws.
The government has managed to gain control over most of the institutions that shape the way individuals’ think and act, in doing so it has managed to diminish many of the attributes needed to resist its abusive control, it’s questionable whether the citizenry can cope with all the chaff the government dispenses to blind the citizenry to what is being done by the government, it’s extremely important that the Federal government be removed from the educational system, and that its concept of one size fits all be relegated to the trash heap. 
Getting back to the type of thinking that had to be applied by the early settlers is imperative if the nation is going to break the hold that this abusive government has established over the centuries, one would be hard pressed to find a better starting point than the original Constitution given to us by our Founding Fathers, individual citizen can’t depend on the government to aid them in this endeavor, because it’s doing its best to make the Constitution inconsequential.
The government appears to be applying more abusive power in areas that were not so apparent before, the frequency and intensity of these abusive actions should be of concern to every citizen, they are intended to intimidate the citizenry from taking any action that might challenge government’s authority. One can only hope that the government has not succeeded in making too large a portion of the population into a compliant and mindless state, so that there are not enough individuals left to revert to a truly progressive state, and to revitalize the exceptional position that the Founders intended for this nation.