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For Your Consideration: Education

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It would appear that our educational problems are not going to go away, in spite of all the money that has been poured into it over the years, the only benefit derived from the additional capital is to burden the educational system with a larger bureaucracy.
This trend has been going on too long not to question the wisdom of continuing the policies that the system has been following for too long a period, just the fact that these policies have failed to achieve their stated objectives would suggest that the entire educational structure needs a complete overhaul. Some educators have gone as far as to suggest that the system is getting worse, and that standards are being lowed to hide the true condition of the educational system.
These poor results are impacting the nation negatively, businesses are continually suggesting that we need to allow for a greater number of immigrants that have the skills needed to contribute to the operation of their companies, but there is also the suggestion that this is being done to get cheap labor, in all probability the truth lies somewhere between these two aspect.
A portion of the problem appears to be related to cultural expectations, there are some nationalities that appear to be more desirable than our citizens, this may be due to the course curriculum that these immigrant students select, and there may be a clearer understanding of what is needed by society.
The government is conducting an aggressive program to have people enroll in college, but it makes no effort to differentiate between the various disciplines, the government treats all degrees as if they had the same value, but most reasonably intelligent people know that this is not the case. It’s easy for one to get the impression that the government wants to extend its indoctrination program into a venue that is supposed to exemplify a degree of higher learning, but in doing so it’s turning our colleges into pabulum factories that have little or no societal value.
If there is a true desire to improve the nation’s educational system, it is imperative that the Federal government by kept out of developing any paradigm for the rest of the nation to follow, and a good starting point would be for the states to reject the government’s Common Core program.
The Federal government has been too aggressive in extending its reach into areas that it does not belong in, and its reasoning for this intrusion needs to receive a high degree of scrutiny.  The one major flaw that needs to be avoided in any new system is that one size fits all, it does not work, and this is an area that the field of psychology could make a major contribution to if it had a mind to, the discipline could spend more of an effort in studying how to overcome the flaws that appear to be ingrained in the human species.
Flexibility and variability needs to be hallmark activities of any new educational system, and a strong emphasis needs to be placed on the fact that learning should be considered a never ending endeavor, and that all past knowledge should be continually questioned. The human species need not go through the same historical cycles continually, but it will require the breaking of chains that power structures have imposed on individuals, the individual will have to learn how to resist the temptations that are continually presented to each of us, most of these offering fall far short of their billing, and the individual losses much more than is gained. The educational system needs to function in a competitive environment, with a standard evolving out of the results that are achieved within the various systems, it should not be dictated by any central agency, no limit should be placed on the advancements that are made, nor should any system ever be considered to be the limit in mans’ ability to learn.