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Jesus Without The Junk: Fasting-Hoodoo Voodoo

By:Molly Painter


Fasting and its proper application need to be taught and reinforced as biblical truth so that God’s children might rise up and learn about their inheritance as a son or daughter of his kingdom. Jesus Without The Junk has just proclaimed our annual fast from January 6th until January 27th.  This fast is individual and corporate for coming together as the body of Christ in the spirit of the Lord for the upcoming New Year.  You may think that things in your everyday life are established (good or bad)…but are they really?  Issues such as family, finances, children, clear direction and purpose are the items that I have fasted for over these last fourteen years. 
Going without food?  Me?  Believe me, I thought it was something weird when I first heard of it because no one around me was doing it, and I was regularly attending a church at the time.  But, I came to a juncture in my life where I needed God to move and I had to hear from Him (if He was really real).  Fasting is something not many have heard of or use (including those who call themselves children of God) in order to receive answers to dilemmas and as one of the mightiest weapons against the enemy of our soul.  A fast is a denial of some sort of nourishment and a time for tuning your spirit man toward the things of God, learning to listen for the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  It is a “getting up and moving forward” action so complacency does not set in reigning in your life.  
Go before the LORD and proclaim a fast for this year.  Tradition cannot gain this for you.  It is a matter of the condition of your heart towards heaven.  I highly encourage you to try fasting to see what happens.  I was utterly amazed at the outcome when I learned to fast and knew it would be a part of my walk with Christ for the rest of my life on earth. 
Don’t knock it unless you’ve tried it!