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Jesus Without The Junk: The New Age High Priestess?

By: Molly Painter

I was surprised the other day as I was doing some research and I read that Oprah Winfrey is referred to as “America’s pastor,” and “today’s Billy Graham.” In addition, a highly regarded writer for the Washington Post said she is “America’s high priestess.”  (A “high priestess” is a female religious leader.)
I respect Oprah.  Coming from extremely humble beginnings— being black, poor, and sexually abused, she rose to the very top and became a media mogul, billionaire and humanitarian; in short, she is one of the most influential women in the world.  Not many people are destined for greatness like she.  She has had and continues to have a great influence on society and she has “made” many people.
Her first show aired in 1986 and through the years, she has been host to a myriad of celebrities, including those espousing their views on religion.  I cannot say I have followed Oprah and have been a diehard fan but I, along with many others, have seen her through her spiritual journey over the course of her career.  I guess I first took notice of her in 1998 when she said on her show that Jesus was not the only way.  Her quote was, “... one of the biggest mistakes humans make is to believe that there is only one way.  Actually, there are many diverse paths leading to what you call God.”
Oprah has had her own brand of religion and though she talks about God (more so now than in the past) I think she was been a bit skewed in what and whom she supports.  She has hosted psychic mediums and has given a platform to New Age doctrines. Why would one support and give voice to (for example) people who talk to the dead?  Some doctrines presented have been anything but Christian.
Again, I support her brilliance and the fact that she has been an unequaled trailblazer in her field, but a high priestess, she is not.  She gives credit to Jesus for her success but then strays from His teachings by supporting abortion and homosexuality…Be careful whom you listen to.