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Jesus Without The Junk: Miracles and Ivy League Schools

By: Molly Painter

A while back, we put out an article in response to a claim made by a writer who said that because of advances in science, professionals in that field were now able to duplicate some of Jesus’ miracles.  Now one year later, the subject of miracles has come up again. Recently, a viewer emailed a TV evangelist questioning why the USA doesn't experience the same miracles Africans do, i.e., the dead being raised and blind eyes opening.  The viewer expressed that perhaps America was "too far gone" to be on the receiving end of miracles.  The response the TV host gave was, "People overseas didn't go to Ivy League schools.”He went on to say, "we know about all these things (evolution) that say God is not real."  He further noted that because people overseas are simple and humble, if you tell them God will deliver a miracle, they would get one because they believe. This response naturally caused backlash and ridicule because people took him calling others simple and poorly educated as being the only way anyone would receive a miracle. Going or not going to an Ivy League school has nothing to do with whether someone will receive a miracle (or anything else) from God; we know that is a no-brainer.  Where he was correct but failed to get across well was when he said they received because they were humble and had the faith to believe. When we look back on the miracles Jesus performed, He most often told them they received because of their faith.  We do not know that all were poor; but we do know they humbled themselves before the Lord and He rewarded their belief and trust in Him.  And since God never changes, His miracles will never cease. 
Is America too far gone to still receive?  I will never give up on my country but I believe what God says in Genesis 6:3 when he says, My Spirit will not strive with man forever...”