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Jesus Without The Junk: Beware of scholars…

By: Molly Painter

The New and Old Testaments are considered sacred, immutable scripture inspired by God Almighty.  I have not told you anything new here but what you may not know is this:  Philadelphia pastor and New Testament “scholar” (quote marks mine), Hal Taussig, said that sections of the New Testament are “offensive and outmoded,” and he decided to do something about it. Taussig is a member of a group of folks who call themselves the Jesus Seminar.  This group espouses extremely fantastical ideas, to include denying Jesus’ divinity, that He did not die for sinners and that His resurrection was myth.
Pastor Taussig has “revised” the New Testament with a work called “A New New Testament,” which includes an additional 10 gospels, letters and prayers and has hopes that Christians will find these additions illuminating.  (He views the Bible as not historical but states it is a book of poetry.)  The preface for his book was written by Dominic Crossan, a former Catholic priest, who claims that the gospels are erroneous and that Jesus was but a mere magician, His resurrection never happened and that some of His miracles never happened either.  What group in the Bible does he remind you of? A couple of years ago, Taussig assembled some individuals (one a Harvard professor) to decide which ancient texts deserved to be added to the New Testament.  (No mention was made as to when God spoke to him regarding the need to change His Word or of why he exclusively was the only one to know this fact.)  What the very committed group came up with was 10 texts, to include The Secret Revelation of John and The Thunder: Perfect Mind.  Who called these folks to add anything to the Christian canon and how does one entice intelligent, learned people to be part of such a thing? 
I am no scholar like Taussig, but I do know what is contained in Deut. 4:2 and that is what I find illuminating and believe to be the truth. 
There’s nothing like the real thing.