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Jesus Without The Junk: Thanks or Giving?

By: Molly Painter

Years ago, I learned what I considered to be a very valuable lesson.  In my mind the holiday season begins with Thanksgiving.  For me, it is the prelude to the really big one, Christmas!  
When I think of Thanksgiving usually the very first thought that pops into my head is food.   I love to eat my sweet potato soufflé (it is like hot fluffy candy!) along with corn pudding.   And, of course, the other items on my plate are white turkey meat (no dark for me), mashed potatoes with gravy, hot buttered rolls, sage dressing and my newly acquired taste for jellied cranberry sauce (could be an age thing!).   It is a day of dressing up, eating well (of course washing dishes!) and then resting.  And all of this in preparation for the really big one!
But as I came to try to understand who Jesus Christ really was a dull nudging began in my stomach right before Thanksgiving and I began to wonder, are there others around me who will not be eating a Thanksgiving dinner this year?  The feeling would subside as I would push it out of my mind.  But with each subsequent year the nudging became worse.   Thanksgiving almost became unbearable to me as I would top off my big meal with a wonderful dessert. 
Finally, I began to make some inquiries to do something about helping someone less fortunate than myself just so I could enjoy my dinner.  And this year I am going to nudge you.  Step up, ask around and find out if anyone needs a little food to eat during this time of year.  The Help Center and Joy of a Child Mission Outreach specifically target children and families on Carolina Beach during the holidays.  If you would like to help by making a donation you can always do this via our Website and earmark it specifically for either cause.   As always, I will personally see that it gets to where it needs to be…every time.
I have learned to be thankful at Thanksgiving (in preparation for the really big one!) but then to give a little and I can tell you (from real life experience) my food goes down a whole lot easier.
God bless you all this Thanksgiving, Jesus Without the Molly.