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Cleg Bordeaux Awarded Scout’s “70 Year Pin”

A 70 year pin was recently presented to Winbert Cleg Bordeaux acknowledging his 70 years of continuous service to the Boy Scouts of America. Cleg was born in Pender County, NC in 1929 to Elizabeth and W.W. Bordeaux. Cleg’s family moved to Carolina Beach when he was 6 years old. He joined Boy Scouts at the age of 12.
His scoutmaster was “Mr. Thomas” whom Cleg remembers as a very nice man who would help you in any way he could, any time.
Cleg went Tenderfoot, 2nd class, 1st class, Star and Life and was working on his Eagle in 1946 when he went into the Navy at age 17 where he served on a minesweeper for 2 years. On discharge from the Navy he was too old to complete Eagle.
His first merit badge before entering the Navy was “electrical.” In the Navy he served as “Electrical Mate.” On discharge from the Navy he went to work for Consumer Power where his supervisor handed him a registration “back into” Boy Scouts that bridged his 2 years in the Navy.
From that time to this he has served numerous capacities including: Service on committee for Troop #9, First United Methodist Church, Pontiac MI. Chairman of training committee for Pontiac District and Huron Valley Council. Pontiac District Chairman. Clinton Valley Council Vice President. Area Camp Inspector to date. Course director and advisor for 14 courses of “Wood Badge.”
Cleg attended International Jamborees in Japan and Canada and 12 National Jamborees. Awards Cleg has received for outstanding service includes: Scoutmaster’s Key. Silver Beaver and Silver Antelope. He recently received a “70 year pin” for outstanding service from 1941 until 2011.