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Surfing is not just a sport or hobby, for Local Surfer Ben Shaw

By: Liby Gibson
Staff Writer

Surfing is not just a sport or hobby, it’s a passion, purity, even for some a purpose, that is what Ben Shaw feels when he goes out everyday and surfs here on Pleasure Island.  Ben Shaw is local and lives in Kure Beach with his wife Beca and daughter Kaila.  Beca works at Carolina Beach Elementary After -School Program and Kaila is in 2nd grade. 
Ben’s had a goal that he set in 2011; his goal was “To see how many days in a row he could go surfing?” No matter if it is hot or cold, Ben had his mind set.  At the time, Ben had set his goal; he lived off the island, but soon moved onto the island.  This made Ben even hungrier for his purpose.  He then reached 38 soon to have a delay, but in the process of it, he knew how hard it was but he was ready for the challenge. 
When the Shaw’s moved they moved 100 yards from the beach which made it really easy to go surfing, after graduating from college, Ben started his 100 day quest.  Ben reached his 100 days and planned on quitting after, but he thought to himself, “What about 200 days?”  Originally that was the magic number for Ben, but like most people, he didn’t want to upset himself by not making it. 
200 were soon to follow, making the next decision even easier for Ben.  He wanted to go on catching every single wave he could.  With all the love and support from Ben’s family and friends, he decided to surf for 365 days in a row.  To show how special Ben Shaw is, he is not just doing this “To see how many days in a row he can go surfing,” but he is surfing for another purpose as well, “Ocean Cure,” his friend runs this non-profit organization for people with disabilities through Surfing.  Ben can surf 365 days in a row and raise money for this organization at the same time.  See link to see what Ocean Cure is about and to donate. 
We wish Ben Shaw all the luck in the world on his great adventure in his 365 day surfing mission.