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Little Pink Houses of Hope Returns to Pleasure Island

By: LibBy Gibson
Staff Writer

“Hope”…..everybody needs a little “Hope” in their lives from time to time.  We need to live stronger, laugh harder, and love deeper, at least that is what “The Little Pink House of Hope” does.  This organization located here on Pleasure Island provides a week of relaxation, beach fun, and hope for breast cancer survivors and their families free of charge. 
Volunteers provide and create an environment for families of breast cancer survivors to feel God’s love and support during their remission.  It helps heal the scars of worry from the survivors as well as the families that come from the events from the long journey that they have endured upon during their treatments.  The Little Pink House of Hope provides beach houses given by donors to the recipients.  There are meals, programs, and activities planned for all family members during their stay, as well as adventure time for themselves as well.  For a lot of us, the beach is a healing place; it’s a place of peace, harmony, and tranquility. 
Cancer is the number one killer in America.  There are all types of cancer that are being diagnosed everyday, but the most common cancer in women is breast cancer.  1 out of 8 women get breast cancer.  1 out of 6 will deplete their savings battling this disease.  Cancer itself is emotionally, physically, and financially exhausting.  It pulls on your mental state as well as your pocket, most of the time, one outweighs the other, but in reality, they are both punishing, like you don’t have enough on your plate having cancer.  Statistics show that 2.5 million survivors are in need of serious help or at least some are in need of “The Little Pink House of Hope”.  If you are wondering how you can get involved and help out a family in need or just help out in general there are several ways of doing this.  This is how you can go about to help, you can donate your time as a retreat week or as a Pleasure Island Volunteer; If you own a beach house, you can donate the house to a breast cancer survivor family; Organize a group to conduct a fundraiser to raise money for the family or The Little Pink House of Hope;  Sponsor a family or a volunteer through a donation; Reach out to a business to secure financial support for the family or The Little Pink House of Hope; and even share this Little Pink information through other social media outlets to spread the word about the great gift that is being given by The Little Pink House of Hope to the breast cancer survivors.  To get involved go to www.LittlePink HousesOf or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 910-547-6470.