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Walking the Labyrinth in Carolina Beach’s Farmer’s Market

In the spirit of giving back to the community it serves, the Carolina Beach Farmer’s Market is providing the materials and gathering a group of helping hands to install a labyrinth near the corner of 3rd Street and Lumberton Avenue in Carolina Beach.  It will be located under the beautiful old oaks on the grounds of St. Paul’s UMC and will be available to the public at all times.
A labyrinth is a meandering but purposeful path that looks like a maze but is not.  People walk labyrinths for many reasons. They are used for reflection, meditation, prayer, and simply to relax.  Some see the path as a metaphor for life and a journeying to God. Some ask forgiveness on the way in and empowerment on the way out. Others shed their problems as they walk to the center, pause to gather strength, and then follow the pathway out to rejoin the world.  The participant can ascribe their own spiritual meaning to this ritual walk. The theory is that by walking the labyrinth one partakes of a spiritual journey of self-examination and enlightenment.  
All experience it differently, but labyrinths bring people together on the common path of life.  “We are not human beings on a spiritual path, but spiritual beings on a human path.”
Installation of the labyrinth was made possible by the Town of Carolina Beach allowing the farmer’s market to use a portion of the proceeds for a project that the community can enjoy.  Preparation of the surface will be done in advance and then all are invited to help lay the stone pathway on Saturday, May 4th beginning at 9:00am.  For more information please contact Janet Knott at 910-431-8122.