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Borderline: A Disguised Killer

By: Spencer Dawkins
Guest Writer

Currently, there is a disease found to be killing roughly 250,000 people annually and it often is misdiagnosed. The recent expansion of knowledge in the field of neurological studies is helping to correctly diagnose the serial killer known as Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). The reason this disorder has been such a difficult diagnosis in the past is because of the variety of such severe symptoms.  These symptoms often include but are not limited to, moderate to severe depression, bipolar tendencies, and even cases of emotional detachment so strong the patients feel abandoned. The original statistic of a quarter million lost lives a year is found solely from suicidal actions. This does not include lives put in danger by exposing emotionally torn patients to others. Now all BPD patients are not heartbroken violent behemoths, for example Pro-Bowl Wide Receiver Brandon Marshall has battled his disease for years with the help of some consistently attended therapy. Therapy has been shown, since there is not yet a medicinal cure for this disease, to be the most successful method of treatment to help patients cope with their struggles. Therapy to help with the interpersonal issues, medicines such as anti-depressants to help prevent the neurological shifts and mood swings, and the support shown by anyone willing to dedicate any of their time or money toward the further understanding of not only this, but every neurological disease could help save countless amounts of lives. I encourage any support that can be given toward the well being of the mentally ill, whether it is through charitable donations or lobbying for further Insurance coverage.