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Vape N’ Puff “We Kick Butt”

Vape N’ Puff is conveniently located in Carolina Beach at 711 North Lake Park Boulevard right between Island Tackle and Drifter’s Reef, please give them a call at (910) 458-9911.

As more and more people are trying to find real working solutions to help them quit smoking, e-cigarettes have become one of the most popular options on the market.  Unlike patches, gums or pills, e-cigs really work because they satisfy all of the cravings associated with cigarettes and are an alternative that still gives the consumer all of the nicotine without all of the harmful additives and cancer causing chemicals found in traditional tobacco cigarettes.  Vape N’ Puff in Carolina Beach opened its doors in January of 2013 and has since become Pleasure Island’s premier provider of electronic cigarettes, juices and accessories.  Boasting the best prices in the Wilmington area, high quality e-cig products and a huge selection of nearly 70 different flavors, Vape N’ Puff is the one stop you need to make to start your journey towards a more healthy, tobacco free future. 
Vape N’ Puff was brought to Carolina Beach by Tony Gonzalez, Anthony Gonzalez, and Joselyn Jameson who teamed up to bring this awesome advance in the fight against addiction to tobacco cigarettes to the Island.  Having used the e-cigs first hand and seeing that they actually worked was proof enough that they wanted to make sure their neighbors and friends on the Island had access.  In addition to leaving behind the harmful chemicals in traditional cigarettes they also found that the rising prices of tobacco made “vaping a less expensive alternative to smoking as well as a healthier choice. The average smoker spends between $95 and $200 a month on cigarettes. Each bottle of Vape is equivalent to a carton of cigarettes and our price per bottle is $5.99. That is a huge difference in cost alone. The starter kit starts at $50.00 and that is cheaper than most cartons of cigarettes. Now that you know you are saving money let's talk health benefits. Did you know the average cigarette has 599 additives versus 4 chemical ingredients. These chemicals include Polyethylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Nicotine, and Flavor. So you have eliminated the tar and Carbon Monoxide, Ammonia and many more, just to name a few. Now, you are still getting Nicotine but you have control over the levels. Control means if you are a heavy smoker you start at a higher level of Nicotine. This way you won't have the withdrawals and can lower the levels at your own pace. We even offer zero Nicotine giving you sensation of smoking without the Nicotine. Vaping is proven to be a better choice. You no longer smell bad, you can use your E-cigarette virtually anywhere, you no longer taste like an ashtray,  you are no longer putting your friends and family at risk with second hand smoke, the list is endless. The benefits of quitting smoking are endless. Changing to Vaping is a smart, healthier choice to make for yourself as well as your loved ones.”
At Vape N’ Puff you will find everything you need to get started on your switch to e-cigs.  First pick out a e-cig vaporizer and battery set that you like along with cases, chargers, lanyards and anything else to make your vaping experience tailored exactly to your needs.  You can simply get one e-cig to start or go ahead and get the suggested kits that include everything you need to make a serious effort at quiting tobacco cigarettes.  Then just find a flavor of liquid that you like.  This may be the toughest part as Vape N’ Puff has so many flavors you may want to try them all before you decide which one to stick with.  The flavors available range from regular tobacco flavors that taste exactly like the cigarettes to which you are used to smoking to some other wild and fruity flavors with which you may quickly fall in love.  Regardless of the flavor you choose you will be on your way to a healthier future as you put down the tobacco! 
Vape N’ Puff is conveniently located in Carolina Beach at 711 North Lake Park Boulevard right between Island Tackle and Drifter’s Reef.  They are currently open on Mondays through Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. and on Sundays they open at 12:00 noon and close at 4:00 p.m.  Look for Vape N’ Puff to extend their hours this summer.  If you would like to find out more about Vape N’ Puff in Carolina Beach please give them a call at (910) 458-9911.  You can also find tons of great information about the Vape N’ Puff in Carolina Beach on their website at  The website has great information about their products as well as online ordering options for those who can’t find time to get by the store.  Vape N’ Puff is also on Facebook.  Become their friend and receive all of the latest information regarding everything happening at Vape N’ Puff, Carolina Beach’s favorite supplier of all your electronic cigarette needs.