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Spotlight On Coastal Cuisine: Kate’s Pancake House “Best Breakfast on the Beach”

Kate’s Pancake House is located in Carolina Beach at 102 South Lake Park Boulevard. 

By: Allen Denning
Staff Writer

Kate’s Pancake House in Carolina Beach knows how much you love a great breakfast, which is why they cook up the best every morning.  Everyone loves a perfect cup of coffee or a tall refreshing glass of orange along with their favorite breakfast foods before getting out and on to the work day. Kate’s Pancake house is a very popular local breakfast destination as evidenced by a building continually stuffed with happy patrons. 
Conveniently located right in downtown Carolina Beach Kate’s Pancake House is easily recognizable from their bright teal and pink building.  An easy stroll from anywhere in town and right on the main road as you pass through Kate’s is always on the way to where you are going. 
Walk in and take a seat and enjoy your meal as you sit and relax or grab your breakfast to go and eat on the way.  With Kate’s Pancake House there is no excuse to not have a wonderful breakfast every day.
Kate’s Pancake House offers a wide selection of breakfast items making them the perfect stop for anyone, as you’re sure to find your favorite amongst the menu.  As implied by the name Kate’s specializes in pancakes.  Always a favorite of pancake aficionados, young and old alike, whose mouths water at the thought of their massive selection, Kate’s pancake menu is full of everything from the traditional favorites to wonderful creations you won’t see anywhere else. 
One such creation that has seemed to gain popularity over the time it has graced the menu are the “Sweet potato Pancakes.”  Anyone who loves the delicious flavor of sweet potatoes will not want to miss out on this excellent twist on pancakes.  In addition to the plethora of pancakes on the menu Kate’s also serves up almost every other breakfast food of which you can think.  Kate’s waffles are as good as their pancakes as well as their delicious French toast. 
You can always get other traditional favorites like biscuits with sausage gravy, crispy bacon, juicy sausage, or eggs any way you like them.  Add your favorite side items or even a stack of pancakes for a complete meal.  They also serve outstanding omelets and as is their style, the omelet menu is full of choices. Everything from the simple tastes of eggs and cheese to loaded conglomerations stuffed full of everything you love are available and you can even create your own. Come back to Kate’s every day for lunch and get another dose of your favorite breakfast foods or anything off of their extended lunch menu.  On the lunch menu at Kate’s you will find plenty of options. 
They serve burgers, sandwiches and salads all made to order.  They even feature a children’s menu.  Kate’s Pancake House has become involved with a charity for breast cancer survivors called Little Pink Houses of Hope.  In conjunction with this Kate’s has dedicated new healthy vegetarian menu selections to those afflicted by this terrible disease.  The new menu items include a vegetarian burger, a vegetarian tofu skillet with delicious vegetables and a tofu salad.  Stop in Kate’s Pancake House or visit for more information about this charity organization. 
Kate’s Pancake House is located in Carolina Beach at 102 South Lake Park Boulevard.  They are open seven days a week serving breakfast and lunch. 
They always serve their breakfast menu from opening at 6:30 a.m. throughout the day and the lunch menu is available from 11:00 a.m. until close at 1:30 p.m.  Kate’s Pancake House is only open seasonally so be sure to get yoru fill this summer before they close up in October for the winter.  If you would like to find out more about Kate’s Pancake House stop by or give them a call at (910) 458-Food(3663). 
You can also keep up to date on everything happening at Kate’s Pancake House by visiting them on Facebook. 
Stop by Kate’s Pancake House today and see why people are calling it the “Best Breakfast on the Beach.”