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Spotlight On Business: ICE CREAM HEAVEN

Squigley’s Ice Cream and the Shoppees at Squigley’s are located at 208 S. Lake Park Bouldevard and they can be reached by calling (910)458-8779.

People visit Squigley’s® Ice Cream & Treats for many reasons, not the least of which is that it serves over 4,000 flavors of real dairy ice cream, custom made, your way, every day. In addition, they have lots of specials like the Sand Castle that has 7 scoops of ice cream, a whole banana, homemade waffle cone and cookie pieces, several toppings, plus a cherry, whipped cream and an American Flag.  The Sand Castle is so big it defies gravity and is served in a take-to-the-beach bucket. It’s a show stopper every time one is served because it generates so much excitement, saying, “Let the Party Begin”.  Customers often bet on how much time it will take to eat it!   
Oenophiles have said wine is the “nectar of the god’s” but Squigley’s think it’s ice cream.  Squigley’s tries to create flavors that would be a hit on Mount Olympus and Carolina Beach as they have for almost 20 years.  Squigley’s serve more flavors that any other ice cream parlor in the county and they do it “your way”, on the spot, and in seconds. They have both hard dipped ice cream and the custom made Squigley which looks like soft serve but is made with real ice cream, not whipped, airy, chemical laden, industrial powder frozen desserts with artificial colorings like other parlors. If you want pleasure on Pleasure Island, try Squigley’s huge servings of real ice cream made from real dairy cow cream that’s utterly delicious.  Add a hand rolled, natural ingredient, waffle cone that comes with a surprise and you're in heaven.
 Look around Squigley’s and you'll find 200 historical pictures of Carolina Beach, Kure Beach, Ft. Fisher, and Southport along with mementos honoring the Armed Services. Upstairs, in the gift shop, you'll find over 200 more pictures of historical Wilmington/Wrightsville and more on Ft. Fisher, some dating from 1865. Squigley’s, in addition to its flavor selections and history, constantly finds ways to help people responsibly indulge without depressing the fun and high they get from chocolate or the nutrients from fresh fruits. For example, Squigley’s wet walnut topping provides antioxidants and alpha-linolenic acid, the plant-based omega-3 fatty acid.  Why eat salmon when you can have ice cream with wet walnuts! Its key nutrients with anti-inflammatory properties help protect brain cells from oxidative damage associated with cognitive decline.  Stay young, enjoy desserts at Squigley’s! 
What’s NEW?  Nye’s Cream Sandwiches ™!  Beginning in 2010 and now in about fifty top restaurants, country clubs, world-wide hotel chains, branded regional coffee shops, museums, catering companies, internationally, and exclusively at Squigley’s on the Island. These famous handmade ice cream sandwiches, using homemade gourmet cookies capturing the delicious ice cream will excite your palate. These unique gourmet treats are so much better than the outdated standard ice cream sandwiches and they're made locally. Get your bulk orders in ASAP for events/weddings or buy onesies for immediate pleasure; above all, have a Nye’s Day at Squigley’s.
 Upstairs, to be entered via the steps off the ice cream parlor deck, you'll find the most eclectic gift store in the area.  It's specialty is the customer, not just the merchandise.  People don't shop for things; they shop for reasons.  Buying a beach sign or hand carved beach animal or T-shirt as a souvenir helps remind you of the island vacation memory. Buying one of the hundreds of child-friendly gifts for the kids and grand kids are an expression of love. Buying one of the thousands of precious (sterling silver set Larimar) or crafter made earrings exclusive to Squigley’s Gift Gallery happens because the lady deserves it.  From your tiny little princess to your blossoming diva, a purchase of fashion jewelry allows each girl to express her unique sense of style; the same love applies to the myriad of men and boy gifts at Squigley’s Gift Gallery, many from the corners of the world.      
Every year Squigley’s attract visitors from hundreds of miles away and about 30 from foreign countries. They all enjoy seeing things they've never seen elsewhere and take house/condo décor as well as clothing and accessories home with them. So if you're looking for the pleasure of shopping in a very special store, for baby, adult men/women, and children, please visit and bring your Squigley's ice cream with you in the gift store upstairs or the sunglass-handbag store behind Squigley’s. Both stores take credit cards too and an ATM is also available.