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Carolina Beach Mayor Announces New Emergency Utility Notification System

CAROLINA BEACH -Carolina Beach Mayor Bob Lewis announced on his Facebook page Thursday February 28, the Town is working on a new notification system for Carolina Beach water customers.

The following is the announcement from Lewis:

We are working on implementing a Carolina Beach Emergency Utility Notification System for all residents in Carolina Beach. One thing we need from all residents and business owners is a phone number which will be kept private and used only for notifications. If any issue with our water system arises in the future we would like to send out an automated notification voicemail/call message to every water customer in our town. Like every other utility our water system is impacted from time to time by failures of equipement or weather related issues. Even with backup systems these issues occur. Beyond our local media (TV, Radio and Print) notification system we are planning on implementing an automated phone (land line or Cell) notification system. Currently we have over 1800 customer phone numbers we can use but we have over 4500 customers. Please send back the request for your phone number in one of your future water bills. Please share this with your neighbors.

Residents can also visit online to submit their information. The Town issued a boil water notice on February 11, resulting from low water pressure throughout the Town's water system over the weekend.
Many residents were concerned because they were not aware of the notice and Town officials did not contact Carolina Beach Elementary School. School officials brought in water coolers and bottled water after hearing the notice in local media. The notice stated, "Today, the Town of Carolina Beach’s primary water treatment facility experienced a temporary loss of water pressure. This interruption resulted in a temporary lack of water pressure throughout the Town’s water distribution system. Periods of low or no pressure in the distribution system increases the potential for back siphonage and introduction of bacteria into the water system. The issue has been corrected and the treatment facility is now operating normally."
The notice was lifted the following day. The Town said tests showed the water was clean and safe to drink.