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Vehicle Hit And Run Leaves Pedestrian In Hospital

Managing Editor

CAROLINA BEACH - For the second time this year a Carolina Beach resident has hit a pedestrian with their car.
The most recent incident was reported at around 9:30PM March 20, to Carolina Beach Police.
A Police officer responded to an area on Old Dow Road in reference to a female subject hit by a car. When officers arrived one officer noticed the victim, Suzanne Musengo, on her right side on the shoulder of the road with groceries spread all over the roadway and shoulder of the road with a grocery cart lying in the grass on its side. The police report states that, "Once making contact with Ms. Musengo she was conscious and breathing and complaining of pain all over but primarily in her right leg."
According to the police report, Musengo stated she was walking on Old Dow Road pushing her shopping cart home with her groceries when she observed an unknown make, model or color vehicle traveling north on Old Dow Road towards her with their headlights on. Musengo told police she shined her handheld light in the direction of the vehicle to signal her location at which point the vehicle struck her and her cart sending Musengo airborne over the hood and into the grass on the shoulder of the road. She told police the vehicle continued north bound and fled the scene.
According to the police report, "Among the debris from Ms. Musengo's grocery cart was a fender well from the suspect vehicle." An officer inspected the evidence and located a number on that piece of the fender. After running the number on the computer the officer found that the suspect vehicle was a Honda Civic.
Musengo was transported by EMS to New Hanover Regional Medical Center in Wilmington for her injuries.
A short time later at around 12:35AM March 21, an officer located a vehicle at 127 Olde Mariners Way off 7th Street near Town Hall with damage to the right front passenger area. The police report states, "With distinct paint transfer from something blue which matched the blue shopping cart involved."
According to the report, the damage to the vehicle was consistent with the evidence at the scene. Detective Moore was contacted and made contact with Ms. Casey Bell and the residence at 127 Olde Mariners Way to speak with her about the damage to her car.
The police report states, "Ms. Bell came to the door and was asked if she knew why the responding officer was there and she stated, "Yes, because I hit a shopping cart right?"
Detective Moore advised her that she also hit a person and asked if she would like to talk about what happened and she said yes. Moore asked if she would like to talk at her house or come back to the Police Station. Ms. Bell stated she would like to come back to the Police station so her neighbors would not see all of the police cars. Bell was advised she was not under arrest at that time and could leave at any point. Once back at the police station, Detective Moore read Bell her Miranda Rights. The report states, "Which she understood and waived and agreed to talk with Detective Moore about the incident."
Bell stated to Moore she knew she hit a shopping cart with what she thought was trash in it and didn't stop and went to Food Lion to get ice cream and other items. After getting her items at the store she told Moore she went back to the scene to take pictures for her insurance due to the damage done to her car.
Once back on the scene, which was estimated at around seven minutes after the crash, Bell told Moore she took a few pictures of the scene. Bell told Moore she didn't see Musengo lying there and took the pictures and went home.
The police report states, "With the evidence gathered Ms. Bell was placed under arrest for felony hit and run."
Casey Denise Bell, age 32, was charged with one count of felony hit and run, serious injury and arrested under a $25,000 secured bond.
Earlier this year on January 10, at around 3PM, Bell was turning onto 7th Street from Olde Mariners Way and hit a 76-year-old man riding his bicycle along 7th Street.
The police report stated that Bell said she stopped and looked at the stop sign and proceeded to make her right turn and the bicycle just appeared in from the vehicle. The victim was taken to Cape Fear Hospital.