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Kure Beach Ocean Rescue News

Kure Beach Ocean Rescue held their 1st of  two, separate Junior Guard Camps for 2013 on June 20th-24th.
The next camp will be held July 22nd-26th. Junior Guard Camp is designed to teach children in our community the skills necessary to be a lifeguard in Kure Beach.
While enrolled in Junior Guard Camp, participants will learn about the physical, medical and technical training our lifeguards undergo to prepare for a season of work on the beach strand.
Additional information and the registration form are available at
The Kure Beach Ocean Rescue season is in full swing for 2013.  The team has had close to 100 rescues and medical calls on the year already.  The team staffs around 30 lifeguards for the season, and also has firefighters respond on a 24/7 year round basis.  
While rescue training is important, medical training is just as important, as lifeguards are the first responders that deal with the medical issues until EMS arrives.  
This year, the Kure Beach Ocean Rescue team has had a couple of very influential volunteers that have put heart and effort into the program this year, Andy Herzog and Shawn Kelly. Both Andy and Shawn are paramedics in the county, and have been lifeguards in the past. These two gentlemen have volunteered their time to help out the organization through medical training on the beach and mentoring the young men and women that have the passion to become future paramedics.  Andy Herzog is also helping out with the Junior Lifeguard Program this year, helping bridge the gap even more.  Because of Andy, the Ocean Rescue team will provide a top of the line Junior Guard camp, teaching children between the ages of 8 and 15 not only CPR and First Aid, but how to deal with everyday medical issues that could occur at the home or in school.
Capt Ed Kennedy, Ocean Rescue Director states, "these guys have helped bring our organization to a new level through their passion and dedication by helping not only bridge the gap between the Fire Department and Ocean Rescue team with the Emergency Responders, but by making a difference in young kids lives.
Shawn has personally hand laid the foundation of our organization, and for him and Andy to continue to help out in ways never before speaks a million words."  
Shawn Kelly had been a head lifeguard for Kure Beach in the past, devoting many years to the organization before becoming a paramedic.  
Andy Herzog had also been a head lifeguard in the past and will be helping out with the Junior Guard camp throughout this week and continuing to volunteer his time on days off.