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Planning Commission To Consider Trailer Parks In Carolina Beach

Managing Editor

CAROLINA BEACH - The Carolina Beach Planning and Zoning Commission will consider a request at their Thursday March 13th meeting to permit Recreational Vehicle Parks in the Highway Business District along the Town's main artery Lake Park Blvd.
According to Town Senior Planner Jeremy Hardison, Mr. Troy Slaughter is requesting the Town to amend the zoning ordinance to create an allowance for Travel Trailer Parks in the Highway Business (HB) zoning district.
Hardison explained, "Currently the Travel Trailer Park use is listed in our table of permitted uses, but it is not allowed in any zoning district within the Town of Carolina Beach. Travel Trailer Parks were allowed in Marina Business MB-1 and Business B-2 (equivalent of Highway Business HB) until August 14, 2001." 
Hardison explained that during the discussion at the Planning and Zoning meeting that occurred in June 2001 there were several concerns discussed about travel trailer parks.  They include:
The Travel Trailer Park will:
1. Put a strain on the infrastructure of the town (water and sewer, trash pick-up);
2. Not attract businesses substantial to the growth of the town;
3. Not add tax dollars to Carolina Beach, no additional jobs  will be created from this business and;
4. Result in a reduction of tax values for the surrounding properties.
Hardison explained, "It was also discussed that a Travel Trailer Park would not the best use of the land for a commercially zoned area (i.e. HB zoning district).  The consensus was a travel park would be better suited in the "I" (industrial) or "C" (conservation) district.  The motion by the Planning and Zoning Board passed unanimously to deny both the rezoning and travel park.  Town Council agreed with Planning and Zoning and motioned unanimously to remove the land use."
He explained, "There is currently one Travel Trailer Park in the town limits owned by the applicant located at the corner of Lake Park Blvd and Goldsboro Ave.  The Travel Trailer Park is currently located in two different zones, HB and R-1."
He explained, "In September 2009 the applicant [Troy Slaughter] applied for a text amendment to rezone approximately 2 acres of land from R-1 to the HB zoning district on the corner of Goldsboro and Lake Park Blvd N. and requested to change the ordinance to allow for Travel Trailer Parks in the Highway Business zoning district.  The Technical Review Committee reviewed the items, but the applicant pulled both request before the October 2009 Planning and Zoning Committee meeting. In May of 2012 the applicant had the same plan and applied to rezone the entire park to HB and was denied by Town Council to expand the HB in the R-1 residential district" along Goldsboro Avenue.
Hardison explained to the Planning Commission in a memo last week, "If the use, “Travel Trailer Park,” is allowed then standards should be carefully developed to ensure the newly allowed use will be beneficial rather than detrimental to the surrounding area.  Some standards did exist in our ordinance prior to 2001.  Despite this, there were many concerns over travel trailer parks in the past which inevitably led to the prohibition of the land use anywhere in the Town of Carolina Beach.  If this use is to be allowed again, new standards should be developed that very objectively hit all concerns with this type of facility.  Many other coastal communities do have allowances for travel trailer parks with specific standards designed for these parks."
He explained, "Based on the Land Use Plan (LUP) it does appear the Town of Carolina Beach would support the use of a Travel Trailer Park.  It is actually already in existence in the exterritorial jurisdiction located in the Conservation Zoning District at the North Carolina State Park. They have a total of 83 sites for campers.  After speaking with one of the park rangers, staff found that on the weekends in the summertime they are usually at capacity.  During the weekdays in the summer they are usually approximately ½ full.  After October only a few fisherman utilize the campground.  Campers are limited to 14 days within any 30-day period.
 He explained, "Travel Trailer Parks in Carolina Beach would be a destination point for visitors who want to enjoy our natural resources (i.e. intracoastal waterway, and ocean) and wish to enjoy the Central Business District (CBD) and surrounding commercial areas such as HB.  Although the use would be positive to the Town by offering more diversity in housing for those wishing to visit, the vision for the CBD and HB is for a more dense level of commercial uses."
Hardison explained, "The proposal is in general conformity with the 2007 Land Use Plan.  Although travel trailer parks are not specifically addressed in the LUP, increasing the availability of a variety of quality tourist accommodations is encouraged.  Staff has reviewed the cost benefits of the use and created standards to limit the allowance and regulate the use to minimize the concerns.  If allowed staff recommends the use only be permitted in the HB through a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) process."
The Planning Commission will consider the request at their March 13th meeting at 6:30PM at Town Hall in the Council meeting room. For more information call 910-458-2999.