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Council Gets Update On Cape Fear And Lake Park Blvd Project

The Town of Carolina Beach anticipates Cape Fear Blvd at Lake Park Blvd will reopen by April 17th.

Managing Editor

CAROLINA BEACH - A project to replace aging underground utility lines at the intersection of Cape Fear Blvd and Lake Park Blvd in Carolina Beach is taking longer than anticipated. During the project  crews encountered old lines that were not listed on maps which required additional time for engineering. The contractor began work in mid February. The intersection had to be closed while crews cut up a portion of Lake Park Blvd to install a new sewer line. A manhole was in serious need of replacement due to a 6-foot void that had formed around the manhole under the roadway over the years. Also, the pipe had collapsed. Some of the work was completed and Lake Park Blvd was reopened. However, Cape Fear Blvd at that intersection remains closed. The recent discovery of underground utilities that were not documented in the plans has caused delays and area business owners are becoming frustrated.
During the Council's April 8th meeting Gil Dubois  - Public Utilities Director - explained, "The current schedule shows that project being finished on Good Friday. We feel like that project can be wrapped up and substantially complete on April 17th, which is Thursday before Easter Holiday. The only thing that may have to be done after that is if NCDOT requests we come back  and overlay that intersection" with aphalt, "before we come back and start the rest of the phase this fall. We can do that in one or two days so it won't be a major problem."
Dubois said, "We would also like to thank Sherwood, Russo, Christine and other business owners down there that we've talked to and understand the importance of the project. I know it’s been an impact on them and their businesses and inconvenience. But we've encountered a lot of stuff we didn't know about. As we are finding it we are fixing everything so when we get done with it everybody will have good water and sewer services and we shouldn't have to be in that section for the next 50 to 75 years" with the exception of creating a streetscape in that area.
Councilman Gary Doetsch said as they progress through future phases of replacing water and sewer lines throughout Town they will likely run into more unforeseen issues. Dubois said the project is not over budget at this point because he built in contingency funds for such issues when planning the work.
He said, "In two week's I'll have that intersection clear."