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Bunny Saved From Carolina Beach House Fire Monday Afternoon

Fireman John Batson hands a bunny rabbit named Bun-Buns to owner Lori after he survived a house fire Monday afternoon. (Center: Fire Chief Alan Griffin)

Managing Editor

CAROLINA BEACH - The Carolina Beach Fire Department responded to a house fire Monday afternoon shortly before 6PM at 212 Hamlet Avenue.
Firefighters quickly brought the fire under control with resulting damage largely confined to the upstairs apartment.
While clearing the house of smoke firefighters found a white pet bunny rabbit.
Fireman John Batson brought a pet carrier and the rabbit down the staircase and into the arms of his owner Lori.
Lori said Bun-Buns became a member of the family five or six years ago while living in Minnesota.
Bun-Buns was scared but appeared to be physically fine with only a light covering of soot on his white coat.
With Bun-Buns back in the familiar loving arms of his owner Lori, firefighters used an oxygen mask to give Bun-Buns some much needed fresh air, as crowds watched eagerly to make sure he would survive.
Pretty soon Bun-Buns was resting comfortably in a pet carrier with a bottle of fresh cold water.
One fireman said the apartment was filled with smoke and while he was spraying blindly to find hot spots he may have gotten Bun-Bun's wet. He jokingly said, "If he's a little wet it's probably my fault."
No one was inured in the fire. Lori said everyone was home at the time and was able to get out safely. She gave Fireman John Batson a big hug for saving Bun-Buns and thanked the department for getting the fire out quickly.
The cause of the fire is still under investigation. One fire official said it appeared the fire started in the kitchen and began to spread through the apartment.  The downstairs unit only experienced water draining through the ceiling.
The estimated damage to the structure was around $10,000 and $50,000 for contents.