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Long Time Carolina Beach Town Employees Retiring

Mary Grady, Dawn Johnson, Lynn Prusa and Iris Salke are all retiring from the Town of Carolina Beach. A party was held in their honor on June 13th.

Managing Editor

CAROLINA BEACH - The Town of Carolina Beach is witnessing the retirement of four employees and held a party in their honor at Havana’s Restaurant in Carolina Beach Friday 13th.
Finance Director Dawn Johnson, Town Clerk Lynn Prusa, Town Manager's Secretary Iris Salke and Planning Department Permit Technician Mary Grady are retiring at the end of the month.
Mary Grady is retiring after 10 years with the Town.
During the Council's June 10th, meeting Assistant Town Manager Ed Parvin said, "We have a lot of great employees at the Town and Mary is definitely one of them. As a supervisor, department head or council member you hope that not only you have a great performer but somebody who is passionate about the Town and doing the right thing for the community and willing to work with the members of staff and the community. And Mary is all of that. She has always been somebody that has taken the time and worked hard to make sure we all do the right thing and she has a strong passion for the Town of Carolina Beach. I know we are loosing her as an employee but I know she will continue to make Carolina Beach a better place in her ventures of her life here on the Island."
Iris Salke has served the Town for 15 years.
Town Manager Michael Cramer said, "This is a bitter sweet moment for me. When I was first interviewing for the position of Town Manager, the individual I had the most contact with was Iris. I talked to her periodically, emailed her and she kept me involved in the process. I remember turning to my wife after I had one of the discussions with her and saying that's the kind of person I want to work with. She's the reason why I looked seriously at Carolina Beach because I knew that if they had someone like her representing the community that the rest of the staff had to be top notch. It's been true each and every time I talk with these individuals. I can't say enough about Iris and her ability to make sure I am thinking about things I'm forgetting about and her keeping me on track. I know she will have a lot of fun and time on her hands."
Lynn Prusa has worked for the Town for 30 years.
Mayor Wilcox said, "It's an honor to recognize Lynn Prusa" and, "Everyone one of these ladies work in a different capacity. They are all professionals at what they do. Between five council people and a town manager they get pulled six different directions all day long sometimes. They do it with a professional attitude; a good attitude and I've never ever one time seen them do something that was not in the best interest of the Town. Lynn's been here 30 years, what can you say."
Prusa began working in 1997 as Town Clerk. Dawn Johnson will soon be retiring after 30 years of service at the end of July. Prusa's parents Bobby and Maxine Nivens were present at the meeting. They own the famous Britt's Donuts on the Carolina Beach Boardwalk. Prusa and Johnson have already started working at Britt's this summer to keep busy.