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Hurricane Arthur Grazes Cape Fear Region Leaving Minor Damage

Click image for larger view: Hurricane Arthur grazed the Cape Fear region Thursday July 3, leaving little or no noticeable damage. In Carolina Beach there were reports of strong wind gusts, but National Weather Service reports show wind readings of around40mph. Very few reports of downed trees, limbs and power lines. The real impact was on tourism and the July 4th holiday that so many businesses depend upon.

Managing Editor

CAROLINA BEACH - Tropical Storm Arthur began showing signs of tropical storm development on Monday June 30th after a string of storms rolled off the North Carolina coast heading south towards Florida. That's when Arthur began to take shape and moved at a snails pace throughout the week in a northerly direction off the Florida coastline.
Arthur eventually reached tropical storm status and passed well off shore of the North Carolina coast on July 3rd at which point it had been updated to hurricane status.
Winds were around 100 mph when it reached a weak category two status. It was far enough off shore that only tropical storm force winds grazed coastal areas.
In Carolina Beach the unofficial wind reading from the National Weather Service for Carolina Beach was 41 mph. In Kure Beach the reading was 71 mph. At Johnny Mercer Pier in Wrightsville Beach is was 61 mph.
Flooding was only reported in isolated areas of New Hanover County.
Many local businesses remained open throughout the storm. People were out sight seeing at the rocks at Fort Fisher Thursday afternoon.
Wind driven rain made it hard for most people to take photos or cell phone video but many people gave it a shot walking along the wooden boardwalk in downtown Kure Beach.
The Independence Day fireworks celebration scheduled for July 3rd was canceled.
Freeman Park on the North End of Pleasure Island was closed until the following morning due to concerns with over wash from strong surf conditions stranding vehicles and people on the undeveloped beachfront within the park.
The following day Carolina Beach Town Manager Michael Cramer explained himself, Assistant Town Manager Ed Parvin and Building Inspector Richard Lang surveyed the Town and found "no significant damage" other than a few shingles and upside down BBQ grills.
He explained, "We had one tree come down at the lake and that will be removed this morning.  NO other limbs or large debris in the Streets were found.  Boardwalk area is being cleaned.  Bathrooms are unlocked and ready.  Port-A-Johns are clean, unlocked and ready for service."
He noted that Freeman Park and Snow's Cut Bridge were open.
Some traffic lights were being repaired including a signal at Cape Fear Blvd and Lake Park Blvd. Lifeguards returned to work at 9AM the next day.
He explained, "All wells, pump stations and the Waste Water Treatment Plant operations had no problems during the storms." 
Business owners depend upon tourism revenues from the July 4th holiday and many feared Arthur had blown away all hope of a busy weekend.
Traffic on Snow's Cut Bridge leading onto Pleasure Island was backed up at times on Friday and Saturday causing long lines of vehicles to form in both directions on Lake Park Blvd. Sunny weather brought out tourists throughout the remainder of the weekend.

Click image for larger view: The Kure Beach Pier during the afternoon of July 3rd as Hurricane Arthur passed offshore of southeastern North Carolina coast.