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Secretary of State Warns of Charities Scams Following Oklahoma Tornado

RALEIGH, N.C. : May 22, 2013 - Secretary of State Elaine F. Marshall today urged North Carolinians to give wisely and exercise caution to avoid charities scams in the wake of the Oklahoma tornado:  
 We all watch in shock with sadness and heavy hearts as the images and stories from Moore, Oklahoma (a suburb of Oklahoma City) pour in after a tornado heavily damaged the city on Monday, May 20th.   
Secretary of State Elaine F. Marshall stated, “From the records in our Charitable  Solicitation Office, we know North Carolinians are always incredibly generous with their dollars and their prayers during times of national tragedies. Unfortunately, unscrupulous promoters know this as well. Making wise giving choices is essential to get the maximum assistance to the people in need.”  
The best way to do this is to give to charitable efforts that are already established.  
Existing charities such as the American Red Cross and The Salvation Army are equipped to immediately respond to tragedies such as this no matter where they occur in our great country. You can donate on-line, and even via your cell phone’s text messaging, to both of these organizations.
A $5.00 donation from every North Carolinian would make a huge difference.
Be especially wary of “pop-up charities” that seemingly come out of nowhere and  purport to be able to directly help those in need.
Also resist any emails or Facebook requests phishing for donations. Potential donors can check the track records of existing charities on-line at the Secretary of State’s website,   
It is important that we all help our fellow Americans during this tragic time. It is just as important that we do so in a thoughtful and effective manner.
Check out for giving tips and additional information on specific charities.
Source: NC Secretary of State.