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Editorial: Beach Nourishment Delays In Carolina Beach

Managing Editor

It's true, as the summer season grows closer the beach nourishment project in Carolina Beach has been delayed and there will be cases where vacationers will see heavy equipment on the beach during their stay.
It's unfortunate, but that's the way the cookie crumbles.
Unlike the rehab project on Snow's Cut Bridge where the contractor has agreed to find a stopping point and return after the summer to complete the resurfacing of the two northbound lanes to avoid summer traffic backups, the beach nourishment project cannot be rescheduled or temporarily put on hold.
The project is part of a larger package of projects in the area including Bald Head Island, Kure Beach and Carolina Beach.
They will continue the work with the hope of being off of the beach by Memorial Day weekend. The project is vital to protection of properties along our shoreline to reduce impacts from hurricane damage. It provides a healthier wider beach for tourists to enjoy and that helps support our tourism economy since the beach is our largest attraction. Some tourists will be inconvenienced but they will not find themselves without access to the beach. They'll have to travel a distance up or down the beach to access the beachfront.
Carolina Beach is currently getting an unprecedented scope of improvement projects. The bridge rehab project and widening of Dow Road with turn lanes combined with the coming beach nourishment project are all welcome and necessary projects. Beach nourishment is out of the control of the Carolina Beach Town Council.
They have to beg for federal money to get the projects done and the Army Corp of Engineers controls the permitting and project management.
The contractor is at the mercy of mechanical issues and good ole Mother Nature when the weather turns bad.
They'll push on and get the job done, but yes there may be heavy equipment and a large pipe on the beach at times until they are done.
There will be a 30-inch pipe running along the beach from the Carolina Beach Fishing Pier south to an area just past downtown Carolina Beach. As the crew works around the clock on the beach, they will move through areas as fast as possible. Those areas will be blocked off with tape. Work should start around the 21st and be finished by May 21st.