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View of the Mayor: Out Of The Box Solutions Saves Town Of Carolina Beach Almost $1 Million Dollars

Mayor: Carolina Beach

Our town staff and council faced another big challenge over the past couple months in coming up with a plan and money to repair the rock revetment wall up near the Pier on Carolina Beach Ave North.  
The Corps of Engineers and CAMA brought up the fact that our town was to maintain the height and depth of the Rock Revetment Wall needed to protect the properties near the CB Pier.  We needed to find a quick solution to repair the rock revetment wall that protects the properties and roadway on Carolina Beach Ave North and we wanted to do before the beach nourishment project was implemented.  
This was another one of those much needed town projects which was ignored in the past because it was a hard project in which to develop a cost effective solution.  
Our current council is not afraid of taking on hard challenges and we do not believe in just “Kicking the can down the Street” so to speak.  
Previous to the work just completed the town received estimates of close to $1 Million Dollar’s to repair and replace the rock revetment wall.  
Almost 75% of this project cost was associated with the cost of buying and hauling in large amounts of large rock to stack onto of the existing rock wall. The work was initially projected to take upwards of two months to complete with a lot of big dump trucks running through town to deliver the rock to the work area.  
Instead of just throwing money at the project council led by Mayor Pro Tem, Steve Shuttleworth agreed to have our town leadership team contract with a local contractor on a three day evaluation to dig out some of the current rock buried in the sand and re-stack those rocks on the wall to see how much time, equipment and labor it would take to complete the project.  
This contractor took the time to find a large deposit of rock needed for the project buried under the sand at the location of the current wall. 
In a little over a week the contractor dug out a huge amount of rocks and re-constructed the rock revetment wall entirely.  
This is another example of our town council taking the time to gain a better understanding of the problem and then implementing a cost effective solution saved our taxpayers close to $1 Million dollars.   The combined dedication,  business experience and depth of education of members of our current town council are providing Carolina Beach residents with significant value every day.   
The current council members come from different walks of life with a wide range of domain expertise but working together and utilizing “Best Business Practices”, “Cost Benefit Analysis” and exploring out-of-the-box solutions we are returning significant dividends to all of our residents and taxpayers.   This approach takes a bit more time and effort but from my experience investing this time and effort, just as it does in the corporate world, it always pays off in better decision making.  Town staff leadership continues to expand their scope of work to include additional project management. 
Directors are not only contracting with companies to deliver a service or project but they are assigning responsibility to oversee projects and manage to schedules and milestones so projects are completed on time and within budget.  
Town staff and council is in the process of completing the final stages of a comprehensive water and sewer improvement plan with the objective of providing all of our water utility customers with a better quality product along with improved consistency in water pressure.   As this project is implemented we also have a plan in place to upgrade and pave many of our streets.   
Please look for future scheduled town forums where you can learn more about this project.  Council plans to offer a number of water and sewer town hall forums to present the plan and gain your input.  
We are also planning on publishing an overview and send it out to all of our water bill customers in the next couple months. 
We also plan to use our town Website, our future Facebook page and this publication to provide residents with more detail of the plan and how the project would rollout and what streets are in the plan.   
Carolina Beach Mayor -Bob Lewis, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. – (910) 599-2879