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View of the Mayor: We Appreciate Your Cooperation In Following The Beach Rules & Encouraging Your Friends And Visitors To Do The Same

Mayor: Carolina Beach

As a town we have a number of ordinances (laws) on the books to help provide all of our residents and visitors a clean, safe and hygienic beach and boardwalk environment to enjoy.  
Our beach and boardwalk rules include: 1. no dogs allowed on our beach, 2. all dogs must be on a leach when walking in our community, 3. no littering of any kind in our town, riding of skateboards on the boardwalk, 5. no riding of bicycles on the boardwalk.   We have already begun patrols along the beach strand starting at the beach access areas and we have issued a number of citations to individuals who had dogs on the beach and who are allowing them to run free.
Over the past couple months we have had a number of incidents on the beach and on the boardwalk in which dogs were endangering or scaring children with their aggressive behavior.   We are responsible to protect our citizens and there family members as well as our tourist and our police department will continue to give out citations to enforce our laws.
As the summer season is upon us riding skateboards and bicycles on the cement and wooden boardwalk is a real safety hazard for those families walking in those areas.  Again, all of these rules were designed to provide a safe, clean environment for all of us and those who visit our great beach town. The Police department is here to help and protect our community and help ensure that we enjoy a good safe quality of life. 
Help to improve the problem with littering:   1. We are going to install cigarette butt containers at all of our beach access areas and along the boardwalk.  2.  We are also going to provide recyclable containers at our beach access areas and around the boardwalk.  3.  We are also looking at some unique signs that will graphically display and communicate the beach strand and boardwalk rules.
Watch out for our family members and visitors riding bicycles:
I want to request everyone who drives a vehicle in our community to slow down, enjoy our special slice of paradise and allow those individuals riding bicycles to share and enjoy the road with you.   Also remember to stop for pedestrians at all Cross Walks. It’s the Law.  We want to keep all our residents and visitors safe on our roadways.
We will also be issuing information on Rip Tides to make this a safe summer season for us all.
We appreciate your cooperation in following the beach rules and encouraging your friends and visitors to do the same. We want everyone to have a fun, safe and healthy summer…
Bob Lewis
Carolina Beach Mayor