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Editorial: County Should Help Fund Revitalization In Carolina Beach

Managing Editor

The Town of Carolina Beach is planning improvements for the downtown Boardwalk area. That includes replacing the aging wooden Boardwalk along the oceanfront downtown as well as a new family oriented park plan adjacent to the boardwalk. (See report on page 1-A on Boardwalk Improvements). They've asked the County for $500,000 to help fund that project. The request for funding focuses on a 2006 voter approved $35.5 million parks and green space bond. The County and the City of Wilmington got the largest shares while the three beach Towns each received $200,000. Later on Kure Beach was able to get $500,000 from the County for their new downtown oceanfront park.
County Manager Chris Coudriet recently sent a memo to the Board of Commissioners recommending against the Town's funding request saying the funds are needed for a park in the northern part of the County. To be blunt, what does Carolina Beach have to do to join in the funding party? What's the game? Whose palms need greasing to get a little investment by the County in Carolina Beach?
Those bond funds were born out of phone surveys that didn't even call upon Pleasure Island residents. Out of $35.5 million dollars, we got $200,000.
They planned a lot of park projects everywhere else but not on Pleasure Island. This isn't about what services the County provides to us verses the taxes levied upon our residents. It's about leveling the playing field and the County pitching in more than the original insulting amount of $200,000 bond funding and stepping up with an additional $500,000 to help create economic growth in our downtown area with a family friendly park amenity to promote tourism.
County Commissioners should certainly approve the Town's request. And voters should remember whether or not they listened.