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Appalled At Proposed 50% Property Tax Increase

Mr. Lewis & Mr. Shuttleworth,
I want to congratulate you for a well reasoned and thoughtful article,  "View of Two Council Members."  
As a residential property owner in Carolina Beach I was appalled to learn the Town Manager has proposed a 50% increase in property tax based on the "revenue neutral concept."  The arrogance of government bureaucrats is on full display with the notion that the Town of Carolina Beach has a preordained right to a certain revenue budget without recognizing the harsh economic reality of today. My own business has declined by 40% over the past two years---unfortunately I cannot mandate that my clients pay more to sustain my life style---I have been forced to make adjustments. Beyond just debunking the notion of revenue neutrality you offer a number of constructive ideas for other forms of revenue enhancement and cost cutting. If your article is accurate, Mayor Rothrock states that "not one person is opposed to a revenue neutral tax increase once he has spoken to them."
While I have not spoken to Mr. Rothrock I want to be the first to let Mr. Rothrock know that I do understand the revenue neutral concept and I am absolutely opposed to it---like business, government budgets should not be immutable to changing conditions. My property tax almost doubled three years ago---to have it go up again by 50% is unconscionable---there is nothing neutral about this, it is very personal.
Again, congratulations.  I hope other council members will heed your advice.
Jim McFarlane
Carolina Beach, NC