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CB Aquatic Center Pool

Editor, Residents.
As of todays date Dec 27, 2012 the Island Gazette's online poll survey for Town Council building  a multi purpose Aquatic Center with many uses for others not a part of our Town and a garbage bag full of revenue sources unneeded by us stands at 55% for, 42% against with 3% having no opinion. One of these revenue sources in this garbage bag includes a Hotel proposing to close their pool and build meeting rooms in its place and buy memberships in this  Exotic Idiotic Aquatic Center for all of its paying guests. How much more crazy can this get? This survey shows that Council does not have a mandate to be proposing to spend a million+- dollars on an Aquatic Center presently being called a "community pool" by some members of Council, probably in the hopes of now hyping this deal down instead of up to possibly raise its unpopularity. This deal as proposed is a "COMMERCIAL ENTERPRISE VENTURE" instead of a simple  swimming pool for our residents use.  
From its first presentation to Council this deal has been called an "Aquatic Center", now with its popularity not growing its being called a "community pool". Why was a switch in names made for this deal? This is a question all present Council members should answer. How many "community pools" have you ever seen with 8 designated lanes for swim meets? What ever it is being called, with all of the present necessary project issues we are currently facing we don't need this high dollar deal in our small Town. These poll figures should open up anyone's eyes that is wanting and proposing to spend a million+- dollars on something that almost as many of us do not want as want.
I believe this Council should take a fresh look at what is/has transpired with the apparent unpopularity of their deal. We have $30,000.00 and counting designated to this deal as we speak. How much more money is going to be "wasted" before Council and our "Aquatic Center committee" ditches this high dollar idiot deal and come up with a simple no frills swimming pool costing approx, 2/3 less than the proposed deal and will fit our residents needs better?                    
On a different note that should be food for Councils thought, has anyone besides myself given any thought about the deal of Council unanimously doing away with discounts for all annual passes to Freeman Park including residents of Carolina Beach a few months back?
This amounts to approx. 500+- Carolina Beach passes which does not seem to be a great number until you look at the big picture.
First I have not seen the first person that is pleased with this increase with the exception of our Council.
The very upset Carolina Beach voting crowd could vent their displeasure at our next two elections and vote all of this discount-removing crowd out.
When you multiply 500 passes by two or more, as these voters have wives, husbands, children and friends of voting age who may also disagree with this increase and this becomes 1,000+- voters and that is a bunch of voters in a town as small as Carolina Beach.
I believe that our newly appointed Mayor up for reelection in November may have need for concern of keeping his seat on this Council as he will be the first of 3 left to feel the displeasure of this crowd (if it shows itself) and cast their votes in another direction. In 2015 what was left after the resignations (2 members) that were a part of this also face our voters.
Those that purchase annual passes will remember they were not given a good reason.
The answer for all that voted to do away with this discount on annual passes to Freeman Park may be to not spend money on a reelection campaign until they take in enough contributions to cover their expenses or reinstate the annual pass discount and stop wasting money on a million+- unneeded "Aquatic Center" to make up the difference in lost revenue and make the unhappy happy before they vote. Have a good day.
D.A. Lewis,
Carolina Beach, NC